What are the names of all of the 7 dwarfs?

With the release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937, Walt Disney carved for himself an indelible place in history and in the hearts of movie lovers for more than half a century. The film was Disney’s first full-length feature production, as well as the reason for his 1939 receipt of an Honorary Academy Award for significant screen innovation. Although not his first Oscar, this special award was unique in one particular respect: Disney received not just one traditional statuette, but also seven miniature statuettes.

Those seven miniature statuettes represented, of course, the film’s seven dwarfs (not “dwarves,” according to the company). A brief general description of each will make them easily distinguishable:

Who are the Seven Dwarfs?

The Seven Dwarfs are a group of fictional characters in the fairy tale Snow White. They are known for being miners and for their unique personalities. Each dwarf has a distinct name, appearance, and personality that sets them apart from one another.


Grumpy is the most well-known dwarf, known for his gruff personality and reluctance to get along with others. He is often depicted with a scowl on his face and is easily irritated. However, he is also very loyal to his friends and has a soft side that is rarely seen.


Doc is the leader of the Seven Dwarfs and is often seen wearing glasses and a red hat. He is known for being intelligent and level-headed, often providing advice and guidance to the other dwarfs. He is also the most responsible and takes on the role of looking after Snow White.


Happy is the jolly, cheerful dwarf who is always smiling and laughing. He is known for being optimistic and seeing the best in every situation. He is often the one to lift the other dwarfs’ spirits when they are feeling down.


Sleepy is the dozy, lethargic dwarf who is always tired and ready for a nap. He is often seen sleeping or yawning, and his drowsiness is a running gag in the story. However, he is also very caring and protective of Snow White, despite his laziness.


Bashful is the shy, introverted dwarf who is often seen blushing or hiding behind his beard. He is very self-conscious and has a hard time expressing himself in front of others. However, he is also very kind and gentle, and his reserved nature makes him endearing to others.


Sneezy is the dwarf who is always sneezing and sniffling due to his allergies. He is often seen holding a handkerchief to his nose and sneezing uncontrollably. However, his sneezing is also a source of comic relief in the story, and he is a well-loved character despite his constant sniffles.


Dopey is the youngest and most childlike of the Seven Dwarfs. He is known for being silly and clumsy, often tripping over his own feet or getting into mischief. However, he is also very lovable and has a heart of gold.

As the dwarfs’ occupation is working in the diamond mines, they are often depicted carrying rudimentary tools of the trade (lanterns, picks, etc.)

Keeping track of all seven dwarfs is actually quite simple once you have mastered this simple mnemonic device: two S’s, two D’s, and three emotions. Two S’s: Sleepy and Sneezy; two D’s: Dopey and Doc; and three emotions: Happy, Bashful, and Grumpy.

It should be noted, of course, that Walt Disney himself did not author the “fairy tale” of Snow White, which is traditionally attributed to the Brothers Grimm. It should go without saying that Disney and his team took many liberties and added many embellishments to the story, effectively adapting it for a modern audience of both children and adults.

The information contained in this article is, in large part, based on the Disney version of the story since Grimm’s version does not even name the dwarfs.

Color descriptions of the dwarfs’ clothing are based on a composite of their portrayal in the video of the movie and in the online storybook.


In conclusion, the names of all of the 7 dwarfs are Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey. Each dwarf has a unique personality that adds depth and complexity to the story of Snow White. Whether you’re a fan of the fairy tale or simply curious about these beloved characters, knowing the names of the Seven Dwarfs is an important piece of trivia to have in your back pocket.


Why are the Seven Dwarfs called dwarfs?

The Seven Dwarfs are called dwarfs because they are small in stature and are often depicted as living underground in mines

Who created the Seven Dwarfs?

The Seven Dwarfs were created by Walt Disney for the 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Is there a particular order to the Seven Dwarfs’ names?

No, there is no particular order to the Seven Dwarfs’ names. However, in the original story by the Brothers Grimm, the dwarfs did not have individual names and were simply referred to as a group.

Which dwarf is the most popular?

Grumpy is often considered the most popular dwarf due to his gruff personality and distinctive appearance.

Are there any other stories that feature the Seven Dwarfs?

While the Seven Dwarfs were created for the story of Snow White, they have since been featured in various other Disney media, including the television series The 7D and the video game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

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