About Us

Textanswer is a Partnership that was entered into in December 2020 by Nasir Ali Meo. Primarily devised to fill an identified gap of a simple and one-stop online Question & Answer site on the internet. A Textanswer site intended to offer free real-time support for virtually all home-based technology products marketed and used Globally – See exceptions. This follows a clear lake of free and real-time service and tech support for purchased technology products by their respective manufacturers unless one can prove that it is still covered by their limited warranty.

These end-user gizmos include but are not limited to consumer electronics, automotive, home & garden tools, network service providers, online shopping, internet banking, workman tools, and so forth. Internet users therefore can visit https://www.textanswer.com to ask virtually any question in any of the above-listed categories to receive free real-time and quality support from the comfort of their own homes.

Be of good comfort, the individuals behind TextAnswer Partnership have a decent background in conducting any necessary research on any of the above-mentioned fields to furnish you with quality answers as fast as you would wish to receive them. We generate revenue through Google Adsense and thus the service is indeed 100% free. And lastly, some of our staff members have been offering online community support for years and therefore are commended to live up to your usefulness and expectation.

Test yet another one of Global virtuous innovations! UPDATES: An agreement was recently reached Nasir Ali Meo will assume complete control and ownership over this main site (including its revenues and activities). All of which is to be effective from the 24th of December 2020