1/8×8 is a mathematical expression that involves multiplication. Let me explain it in a clear and concise manner:

  • When we see the expression 1/8×8, we should approach it as two separate operations: division and multiplication.
  • First, we perform the division operation, which is represented by the fraction 1/8. This means we divide 1 by 8.
  • Dividing 1 by 8 gives us the result of 0.125. So, 1/8 is equal to 0.125.
  • Now, we move on to the second part of the expression, which is the multiplication of 0.125 by 8.
  • When we multiply 0.125 by 8, we get the final result, which is 1.

In summary: 1/8×8 can be broken down into two steps: 1/8 = 0.125 0.125 x 8 = 1

Therefore, 1/8×8 equals 1.

Let me provide an example to illustrate this concept:

Example: Suppose you have a pizza and you want to divide it equally among 8 friends. Each friend will receive 1/8th of the pizza. Now, let’s say you have 8 such pizzas, and you want to know how much pizza all your friends will get in total. To find out, you can calculate 1/8×8. Using the steps mentioned above, you will find that each friend will receive 1 whole pizza because 1/8 times 8 equals 1.

I hope this answer clarifies the concept of 1/8×8 for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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