Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

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Best Chrome Extensions for  SEO

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Search for keywords, mass work with links, position analysis and site search in SERP, character counting, semantic text analysis, Canonical search – the work of an SEO specialist often consists of complex repetitive actions. These tasks can be "delegated" to browser plugins. Here are the top 21 Google Chrome extensions that will increase the effectiveness of an SEO specialist.

Attention! I don't specifically provide links to extensions, as they may change over time. To find a plugin that interests you, just enter its name in the search bar on this page. You can also download and install it there.

Alexa Traffic Rank



Eye Dropper

Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder


Word Counter


META SEO Inspector

SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

Yandex Wordstat Assistant

Serpstat Website SEO Checker



Search the current site


Web Developer

Redirect Path


Google Analytics URL Builder



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There are several Chrome extensions that can be helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. Some popular ones include:

Mozbar - This extension allows you to see important SEO metrics, such as page and domain authority, directly in your browser as you visit different websites.

Check My Links - This extension quickly finds all the links on a webpage and checks for broken links, which can hurt your website's SEO.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar - This extension provides a variety of SEO metrics, including backlink data, organic search traffic, and more, for the webpage you're currently visiting.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant - This extension checks your content for on-page SEO and provides suggestions for improvement as you write.

Keywords Everywhere - This extension shows search volume, CPC, and competition data for keywords on various websites.

It's important to note that, while these tools can be helpful, they should not be the only source of information when it comes to SEO. It's important to keep in mind that SEO is a complex, ever-changing process, and a good SEO strategy will be built on a foundation of high-quality content and user engagement, as well as technical optimization.

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