x+9=18+-2x is a simple algebraic equation that can be solved to find the value of ‘x’. Let’s break down the equation and go through the steps to solve it.

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First, let’s simplify the equation by combining like terms:

x + 9 = 18 – 2x

To solve for ‘x’, we need to isolate the variable on one side of the equation. We can achieve this by performing inverse operations. Let’s start by getting rid of the -2x on the right side by adding 2x to both sides:

x + 2x + 9 = 18 – 2x + 2x

This simplifies to:

3x + 9 = 18

Next, we want to isolate the term with ‘x’, so let’s subtract 9 from both sides:

3x + 9 – 9 = 18 – 9

This simplifies to:

3x = 9

To solve for ‘x’, we divide both sides of the equation by 3:

(3x)/3 = 9/3

The 3’s cancel out on the left side, leaving us with:

x = 3

So, the value of ‘x’ in the equation x+9=18+-2x is 3.

To further illustrate the solution, let’s plug the value of ‘x’ back into the original equation and verify if it holds true:

3 + 9 = 18 + (-2 * 3)

This simplifies to:

12 = 18 – 6

12 = 12

As we can see, both sides of the equation are equal, which confirms that our solution, x = 3, is correct.

To summarize:

  • The given equation x+9=18+-2x can be solved using algebraic techniques.
  • By simplifying and isolating the variable ‘x’, we found that x = 3.
  • Plugging the value of ‘x’ back into the original equation, we verified that the solution is correct.

I hope this explanation helped! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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