What is love jihad?

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according to new law against the accused of love jihad, a decision will be taken to register a case

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Adil Khan, who was accused of forcing a 26-year-old girl into Premjal for conversion, was sent to jail on Sunday after he was arrested in Tittinagar. The accused has not responded to most of the questions in the police interrogation. Here, the police could not take any decision on filing an FIR under the new Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act even on the third day of the incident. In this context, top police officials say that they have written to the ADPO (Assistant Public Prosecution Officer) in the case and sought advice. His answer can be found today.

Significantly, a 26-year-old girl living in TT Nagar area committed suicide by hanging herself in her house on Friday night. At the time of the incident, there was only her mother in the house, who was in another room. The girl's father had gone to his village and the brother was at the shop. Sanskrit Bachao Manch, calling the incident Love Jihad, is demanding that the matter be taken to the fast-track court.

The family of the deceased still stands in charge -

The family of the deceased still persists in their allegations that Adil Khan befriended his daughter by becoming Bablu and implicated her in a love trap. Later, to get married, they talked about conversion, which caused their daughter to die in anguish. In support of his allegations, various others including Sanskrit Bachao Manch have also been performing on the streets. Due to this, there is a lot of pressure on the police.

Under the new law, a letter has been written to the ADPO seeking registration of FIR. Their answer may come today. Only then will the case be decided further. -Rajit Saklecha, ASP, Bhopal

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