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What episode does naruto fight gaara?

1 Answer

77 episode "Light vs. Darkness in Gaara" Naruto begins a battle with Gaara. Gaara continues to transform into a demon. Gaara thinks back to her childhood. 78 episode " Explosion! Naruto's book of techniques!! "Naruto comes up with new combinations of techniques on the go. Gaara transforms into the ultimate Sand demon form. Naruto calls Gamabunta to his aid. 79 episode " Step beyond the limit! ~Light and dark~" Naruto transforms into the Nine-Tails and tries to wake Gaara up so that he can suppress Shukaku's will. Konoha Shinobi attack ninja villages of Sand and Sound. Sarutobi, at the cost of his life, puts the Seal of the God of Death in the hands of Orochimaru, who then become practically incapacitated. Sannin manages to escape.
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