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what episode does naruto fight pain?

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In what episode did Naruto struggle with pain?

As I mentioned earlier, Naruto is facing Pain. Naruto's eyes are serious. This is due to Payne destroying Naruto's village where he grew up.

Many people want to return to the same episodes in which the battle takes place. This battle is so brilliantly staged that it is one of the most stunning scenes of the series.

The episode in which the battle takes place is between 163 and 169. It stretches for about 7 episodes. It may be a long battle for some, but let me tell you right away that the real battle isn't all that long. Preparing for a fight is what I mentioned in the previous line.

Naruto Fight The Pain

In the long-awaited battle, Naruto struggles with pain. It's heartbreaking to watch Naruto struggle through brutal adversity. Now that many months have passed since the battle episodes aired, people don't understand exactly which episodes the fight is taking place in.

Perhaps they want to learn more about the battle sequences because fans of the Naruto manga want to watch it again. We can't blame them, it's a fight to remember, right?

In this post, I will talk about the Naruto manga series. I'll tell you where and when the battle between Naruto and barbarian pain took place. It is also important to know the episodes in which the fight was shown.

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If you want to find out which episode Naruto is struggling with pain in, you are looking at the most relevant post. this article will introduce you to all the details of Naruto's struggle with pain. Stay tuned for more updates!

Recently, the hype on social media platforms has grown as people try to find out the details of the episode in which Naruto struggles with pain. Most users have switched to Reddit, and other Reddit users have asked for their help.

By observing the opinions in the responses, one can easily understand the popularity of this Japanese manga. Some users have pointed out that a series of animations is missing at this stage, so many others are rushing to witness if this is true. One Reddit user said that at one point, Payne looks like a camel.

In What Episode Did Naruto Struggle With Pain

The battle between Naruto and Payne does not take place in a single episode but continues for up to seven continuous episodes. If you want to witness an extreme battle, we suggest that you include the series 166 "Planetary Desolation". This is the 14th episode of the seventh season.

The battle between Naruto and Payne starts from Episode 163 and continues until Episode 169. After that, in the seventh season, the 10th episode of Naturo begins the battle, entering the path of pain. You can get a 10th episode called " Blast! Sage mode."

The fight continues for another four episodes of season seven. After episode 10, you can also witness the fight in Episode 11. Episode 11 can be labeled as " Dangerous! Sage mode has been reached." The very next episode, episode 12 "Nine-Tails, Captured!" also features scenes of the fight between Naturo and Pain.

This continues until the 13th episode of "Confessions" and the 15th episode of "The Fourth Hokage". The battle ends in episode 169, which is the 16th episode of the seventh season called "Two Students".

Why Naruto Struggles With Pain

The battle takes place right after the middle of the Pain Invasion arc. When Naturo returns to his village, it was hard for him to know if this was really his village. The reason is that Payne destroyed his village almost beyond recognition. Seeing the situation, Naturo is sad, and it seems to him that his teacher Kakashi has died.

Seeing the massive destruction, Naturo is sad and angry at the same time. Enraged, Naturo struggles with the pain. This fight later continues until episode 169, after almost seven episodes. These episodes originally aired in Japan on June 3rd, until July 22, 2010

Naruto Fight The Pain

Some users complained that these episodes had the worst animation. Given these complaints, some fans have already spoken out against them. One critic and fan of anime, known on Reddit as Samuel Corell, responded to everyone who talked about bad animation.

Here's what he said: "And to those who say the fight is bad just because of a few two-second shots that feel terrible if you watch them repeatedly, the rest of the fight more than makes up for it.

One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, whatever show you put on, it will have moments that you can look at and shout BAD ANIMATION to make yourself look cool. I'm not insulting you, I'm just saying that every show has its good and bad moments ."


It Was All About The Details Of The Episode Where Naturo Dealt With The Pain. I Hope You Have All The Necessary Information. Leave your answers In The answer Box Below If You Still Have Any Questions.

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