What is a lesbian relationships?

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What is a lesbian relationship?

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As someone living in a same-sex marriage, I can tell you a lot about how other people see it well and some see it poorly.

 Here are the different perspectives:

 Usually sexualized. While I never really think about people getting married while having sex, for whatever reason many people focus almost entirely on their sex life. It's strange.

 Some think it is just a "friendship" or a "phase". I am 43 years old at the moment and I have been married to the same woman for almost 10 years ... I am pretty sure it is not a phase ... and we are not just friends.

 They often think it is "different" from heterosexual marriages or relationships. To be honest, although research shows that we divide household chores more evenly, I  think  99% of the time it's not much different. We drink coffee in the morning, we enjoy a great dinner, we trust each other, we are committed to each other, and we like to laugh.

 Some believe it is because you cannot or cannot get a husband. Um, I dated guys and I would have no problem dating guys if I wanted to. I do not want that. My relationship with my wife is not "secondary" or a "plan b". It is my first choice.

 Some believe that lesbian couples "hate men." We * love * boys, we just don't want to sleep with them. We have many male friends and we have no problem with males. This is another one that seems strange to me.

 I am sure they will see us in other ways as well.