What is relationship compatibility?

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What is relationship compatibility?

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Relationship compatibility is not rocket science. It's the sweet little things that make two people compatible with each other.

 When you choose to accept all parts, including flaws and insecurities, and choose to live happily with them

 When you want to kiss away all  worries and pains  

 When you hold hands during the worst nightmare and best performance

 When you are ready to make soup during his illness

 When you are ready to sing a lullaby until he falls asleep

 When he plays  your best friend and hears all the jokes, worries and wonderful stories

 When you admire  strength and beauty of his heart

 If you become a better person with his presence

 If you are happy with him even though you are tired

 If you open up to him with all your weakness and insecurity

 If you are both willing to try very hard to make sure things work out

 when you choose to overcome disputes and disagreements

 whom n Do you respect the feelings and aspirations of others

 If you usually work in a team

 You are compatible in love, friend!