What is a serious relationship?

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What is a serious relationship?

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I see several answers to this question, but I keep writing one of my own.

 For me, a serious relationship means a phase in which you think more about the qualities of a person than the appearance of a partner, by openly sharing all your inner thoughts and feelings.

 It is a relationship that no longer thinks of physical intimacy as a hungry dog, but there will be love, a good level of romance, mutual care, and support to make the best possible journey to the destination to achieve together. and grow old.

 It is a time when people remember that a long-term vision is blossoming in life.

 Small problems and disputes no longer lead to a separation or such situation, as the understanding between the two develops to a good level ...

 Confidence in others and the feeling of being together in all situations and conditions is very high and is visible through their behavior and words.

 In short, they will be allowed and they will mock, yell and accuse each other, but at the end of the day, they will love and care for each other.