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Secrets of the NINE UNKNOWNS

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No one can say exactly in what times and people the legend of the Nine Unknowns – the secret guardians of ancient knowledge and wisdom-first appeared. Some researchers see this legend as a reflection of the fate of the heirs of the Nine Kings of the outskirts of the legendary Atlantis, who once served the first king, the great Atlas.

The legendary French explorer Jacques Bourgier in his famous book "Morning of the Magicians" emphasized::

"Perhaps Bumenor (distorted Numenor), the mysterious Celtic center of the fifth century BC — is not a legend, but almost nothing is known about it, although Professor Tolkien from Oxford is working in this direction. The work of Tolkien brought to light the Nine Nazgul — Ulairs, a strange alliance of "9 immortals clothed in the dust of the grave." They are direct descendants of the ancient rulers of the outlying lands, once ruled by the Great Numenor. And Numenor-this Tolkien does not hide, at least, is a fabulous reflection of the legendary Atlantis.

But most researchers consider the version that this legend originated in Ancient India.

According to this version, in 273 BC, Emperor Ashoka expressed his wish that his numerous subjects would live in peace, happiness, and complete security, and that people with impure thoughts would in no way be able to use the achievements of the human mind for evil. For this reason, Ashoka organized a secret society-the Union of the Nine Unknowns.

Using all the wealth and power of the Great Empire, according to some sources, it included all of India, part of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the island of Ceylon, the Union conducted a thorough purge of the achievements and scientific discoveries of that time. Over time, the entire World came under the control of the Nine Unknowns. They conducted a thorough sweep of achievements in such areas as the natural sciences and human physiology, research on the likely future development of mankind, and information about secret and mysterious places in history and the oldest antediluvian civilizations. What is especially characteristic is that the Allies of the Nine never leave any special traces of their activities, and to fulfill their mission, they always attract third-party people who are used in the dark.

Some researchers connect directly with the Union, the foundation of the nine brave Knights of the Order of the Knights Templar-the Order of the Templars. But all of his activities and likely demise on Friday the 13th are also shrouded in a heavy veil of secrecy. There are a great many scientists in the world who have devoted their entire lives to solving at least a small part of their mysterious activities.

More detailed information about the secret Alliance of the Nine Unknowns was left to us by Louis Jacolliot, who served as the French consul in Calcutta in the 19th century. He was a great lover of ancient manuscripts, and a great number of them passed through his hands. For posterity, he left a rich collection of rare books and manuscripts, which were mainly devoted to the secrets of ancient civilizations and humanity. He is also the author of several novels.

Jacolliot himself was extremely categorical in his arguments about the Nine Unknowns – this is a historical reality and their activity has been going on for several millennia. He is echoed by the local historian and researcher of the secrets of the Samara Land O. V. Ratnik. He managed to find accurate information, in one of the pre-revolutionary publications, that the headquarters of the Union was located in the South of the Samara province.

Very interesting information about the Union was left by Talbot Mandy, who served in the Indian Police for more than 25 years. In his book, he states that the Nine Unknowns are a real-life union, and each of the Nine is the keeper of one of the books that contain secret knowledge about one of a certain science, and they are constantly being updated:

The first one is entirely devoted to psychology, the art of waging psychological warfare. Mandy points out that of all the Earth sciences, this is the most dangerous. Mastery of crowd psychology and complete control of it, allows the owner of this science to control the whole World.

The second is about physiology. It describes how to keep an individual under control, taking into account his physiological characteristics, and how to kill him or revive him with a single touch at certain points on the body.

The third is about microbiology and protective colloids that can protect humanity from deadly viruses. But it serves not only as a defense but also as a means of killing.

The fourth is about metals. Alchemy is one of the branches of this science. But if the alchemists did not manage to get the elixir of eternal life, and gold from lead, then here is all the information on how to achieve this.

The fifth one is about the means of communication. A detailed description of the discoveries of our civilization and antediluvian simple and reliable means of communication that could allow you to communicate not only in our world but also with extraterrestrial civilizations.

The sixth is about the mysteries of gravity.

The seventh is about cosmogony, about the laws of the development of the Cosmos, or in other words, about the Cosmic laws of the development of civilizations.

The eighth is about the energy of light.

The ninth is about sociology, about the laws of the development of society at its various stages. Proper understanding of them allows you to avoid many mistakes in the development of civilization.

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The secret of the Ganges water is also associated with the Union. A great many pilgrims, many of whom are often infected with various diseases, make ablutions in it without any visible harm to the health of others. The sacred water cleanses and cleanses EVERYTHING.

According to Jacoglio, the sterility of water and its antibacterial properties arose after the construction of a secret Temple carved in the mountains near the source of the Ganges.

The legend of the Union of the Nine Unknowns has been overgrown with many fables and myths for more than two decades, but the truth about the activities of this union is always hidden from the view of human eyes. But whatever it was, it's possible that these guardians were able to prevent our demise many times. They protect us from ourselves. Their discoveries, collected over two millennia, are gradually introduced into our lives, helping us to learn the secrets of human existence and the laws of the universe, but all this happens in such a dosed form and gradually, only when humanity is ready to accept them.

But back to Jacolliot, why in his version did he put Nine Unknown People to us in Russia, in the Samara province?

Answering this question, O. V. Ratnik looked through all his archives and this is what he was able to establish: archaeologists excavated one of the mounds, it was dated to the end of the third and beginning of the second millennium BC. The mound was dug out of the ground with the addition of small stones. In the mound itself, archaeologists found the skeleton of a man, with rich burial items for that time. At the dawn of our era, the mound was tried to rob, for this the robbers dug a hole in the form of a funnel, but they could not get into the burial itself. Therefore, the archaeologists got a rich loot.

Archaeologists have put forward a version that the entire system of burial mounds located in this area belongs to the Aryans. To the progenitors of all Indo-European peoples. In the mound of interest to us, among other things, scientists found a very peculiar sword-club made of copper, weighing more than 1.5 kg. In its appearance, it resembles the sacred weapon "Vajri", the thunder god of ancient India.

During the excavation of this mound, quite strange and mystical things happened, some of the expedition participants were visited by "prophetic dreams" and visions. If you remove all the non-essentials and husks, the following picture emerges: A certain black tower rises above the hilly valley, and from it nine figures come out every night, wrapped in dark cloaks – capes. The darkness goes away and the dawn comes. In the distance, you can see the burning settlements and again-these nine mysterious figures, who with fiery whips drive the crowd of people along the river to the hills.

"Machines", strange-looking digging the ground and laying some tunnels and human slaves, erecting powerful fortifications around this Black Tower. This picture is replaced by another-there are riders on short horses, they are armed with javelins and slings, they fight with the "nine". Their leader is a tall white man with a flowing white beard. Riders attack and fall, burning up in lightning strikes. Sometimes it seems that everything that the riders do is in vain and their attack is doomed to failure, but time seems to stretch and the picture changes, but very, very slowly, and now it becomes clear that not only the "mysterious nine" can command the heavenly fire.

The gray-haired man moves forward and stretches out his hands to the sky in supplication to the higher powers, and now one by one the dark figures flash with fire.

The remaining ones begin to retreat to their Tower. The horsemen chase them, but already ahead of them rolls a shaft of fire. It covers the Tower, the darkness thickens, and when it opens, a completely different picture emerges… Funeral rite – horsemen bury their leader. A huge mound is erected over his grave and small groups spread out across the steppe.

What is it, "prophetic dreams" or "chronological mirages" that are given to a person so that he can understand the events that took place in time immemorial?

In this story, one can clearly see the connection of the Union of the Nine Unknowns with another mysterious legend – the Magicians of the Green Moon Tower, also called "nine". These "magicians" tried to stay on the territory of Samara Luka, but were defeated in a long war with the gray-bearded ghostly elders.

Be that as it may, there are a great many legends about the Nine in the world, and they all tell us about some magical forces that guard our humanity and protect us from our own stupidity.

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