When did Freemasons appear?

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Some researchers attribute the emergence of Freemasonry to the time of the construction of the Jerusalem Temple under King Solomon. Others see Freemasonry as a branch of the ancient mystical Rosicrucian Order, supposedly revived by the German Emperor Charlemagne in the ninth century. We will follow those who connect the origin of Freemasonry with the Templars.

In 1118, on Mount Zion near Jerusalem, nine crusaders organized a secret alliance — the "Priory of Our Lady of Zion", later renamed the Order of Knights Templar (Templar monks). Here in the Holy Land, the Templars come into contact with secret sects of Muslim Arabs and Jews.

The secret board of the Order holds the secret of the great source of power, originating in the mythical underground city of Agharta (in the heart of the Himalayas), and plans to establish a New World Order. In 1314, the powerful Templar Order was destroyed by the French King Philip the Fair and Pope Clement V. Scattered across Europe, the templars became Knights of Christ in Portugal and Knights of the Teutonic Order in Germany. In France and England, the surviving Templars founded corporations of Freemasons or Freemasons.
Considering God to be the "Great Architect of the World," Freemasons assume the humble role of masons. With a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other, wearing aprons decorated with Masonic signs, they perform their rites and rituals at secret meetings of initiates.

Among the most deeply secretive organizations of Freemasons, the Illuminati Brotherhood and the Rosicrucian Order were among the most significant, beginning in the 14th and 15th centuries, and they spread their branches in the form of lodges, colleges, and orders throughout Europe. In 1662, the English Rosicrucians of the lodge "Invisible College" create the Royal Society, and in 1666 - Freemasons — the Academy of Sciences in Paris, which became not so much the strongholds of orthodox science, but the stronghold of European Freemasonry, organized into dozens of secret fraternities and unions of Freemasons, and then spread to all continents of the world in the form of hundreds of lodges and orders, uniting tens of millions of Freemasons.

Along with the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Illuminati, dozens of other secret societies have emerged and are now emerging: the Church of Scientists, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, the Luciferian Society of Celtic Obedience, the Tibetan " Green Order "(which, by the way, included the wife of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II), the International Brotherhood of Isis, the "Vril Order" (neo-Nazi Freemasonry, founded in 1919 by Karl Haushofer, a future dedicated teacher of Hitler) and others, which unite tens of millions of their followers around the world. Their activities are aimed at spreading a worldview that is opposed to the orthodox one and is based either on some miraculously preserved and, as a rule, encrypted fragments of ancient knowledge, or on extra-human knowledge allegedly transmitted to the adepts of these orders by their secret Stewards-Teachers, Older Brothers, Initiates, etc.

One of the activities of these societies is also the creation of legal and sometimes quite legitimate organizations of a wide range: the Committee of 300 (founded in 1729), which unites the highest-ranking Freemasons from the fields of politics, economics, and the church; the Council of 33, which represents the elite of the Committee of 300; the Rotary Club; the Society Bilderbergers, founded at the Hotel de Bilderberger (Holland) in 1954 by one hundred and twenty financiers from the United States, Western Europe, and Canada and often referred to as the "invisible world government"; the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973. David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, and now control the American economy, politics, the military, the media; the Club of Rome, and even the United Nations. The seals, emblems, coats of arms, and flags of all these organizations bear a clear imprint of Masonic symbolism: they depict the all-seeing eye, pyramids made of 33 (or 13) stones, and mottos such as" New World Order "and" Our Cause will win " (both mottos are present on the UN coat of arms). All this symbolism has become so widespread that we can see it everywhere, starting with dollar bills and ending with the emblems of companies.

All secret fraternities, lodges, orders, and organizations created by them share three features: hermetic, that is, they are closed to the uninitiated; hierarchy of the management structure; hidden even for their members the final Final Goal or Plan. The Encyclopedia Britannica, which defines Freemasonry as "the teaching and practice of a secret fraternal order, the world's largest organization," emphasizes that Freemasons use their professional skills to influence and infiltrate power structures.

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