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We've all noticed the "all-seeing eye" at the top of the pyramid on the US dollar bill many times:

There are many interpretations of this image, appearing in paintings, in architecture, in general, everywhere. What if the eye at the top of the pyramid is not an abstraction of mystics, as they say in occult books, but some entity, an individual, perhaps not even from this planet, forcing people to kill each other in order to feed on their sacrificial energies?

The ancient pyramid systems of government were headed by priests and pharaohs. To hide its extraterrestrial overlords, the Egyptian pyramid of control looked something like this::

The control pyramid of medieval Europe looked similar:

Finally, the next pyramid scheme, of which many are absolutely convinced — is the current system of control, in which money, presidents, and the Vatican are at the very top:

Many people blindly traditionally believe that their heads of state have supreme power. And only a few people understand that there are forces that stand very high above the heads of state. For example, in the United States, a representative of the country's most famous family, President Jimmy Carter, wanted to see the UFO files, but...he was not allowed.

The head of the CIA, George H. W. Bush, did not allow it. As a consequence, the question arises: if the head of the CIA has the authority to authorize or not authorize something to the entire President of the United States, then who governs the United States?

The more advanced conspiracy theorists will only laugh at the fools who believe in the American president and say that the world is ruled by secret societies (such as free Freemasons or Rosicrucians). They control everything that happens on the planet. However, the secret societies themselves, as far as their symbolic half-hints show, are themselves under the control of much more powerful forces. This is clearly seen from the fragments of their hierarchical pyramids known to the general public:

Finally, some will say that the most influential person on the planet is the Pope. However, it is quite obvious that this is not the case.

The following is a quote from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 19, verse 21:

Jesus answered, " If you want to be perfect, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven." Then come, follow Me.

The main source of income of the Vatican officio is deductions from religious orders, dioceses, the Vatican Bank, and donations from the faithful. This is tens of billions of euros. And this is actually a drop in the hidden sea from the public.

Even experts do not know how much money is under the Vatican's control, but it is well known that during the formation of capitalism in Europe, the Vatican was the richest investor. These contributions to the new business at that time (metallurgy, energy, science, mining) did not go away and only multiplied. And the main investor has not gone anywhere and is sitting in Rome. All the multinational corporations put together did not even dream of such funds.

According to rough estimates, the Vatican has enough money to provide a minimum wage for EVERY person on this planet. That is, to feed, clothe, and give an inexpensive roof over your head. But the Vatican is in no hurry to follow the Gospel's orders. Instead, it diligently accumulates gold, pumping it into its vaults from all over the world. Why does the Roman Catholic Church need so much gold?

Conspiracy theorists try to explain this by suggesting that the Pope is not the main one, but a puppet in the hands of the so-called "Black Pope", who remains invisible and hidden from the general public. However, even with the official Pope, there are quite a lot of questions. For example, why does the Pope's mitre look so much like a fish?

What is the connection between modern Rome and Babylon? What is the Vatican hiding about Nibiru and the Anunnaki?

Why did the Vatican build an infrared telescope with the strange name L. U. C. I. F. E. R.?

The answers to these and other questions remain a mystery to the public, but it should be clear from the presence of these questions that there is something above the Vatican.

Below is perhaps the most accurate control pyramid you'll find if you start down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland:

Multinational corporations such as Monsanto, JP Morgan, and Exxon are controlled by Bilderbergers, which is why they are not on the list.

World leaders and politicians are also not included, because many people understand that these figures are appointed, not elected. In any election, you will ALWAYS see only a choice between the lesser of two evils. It doesn't matter who you choose or when, he will always be the same shit, but only from a different toilet.

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The Anunnaki

Sumerian texts are among the oldest written sources known to mankind. They precede everything that is written in the Bible or any other religious texts.

According to Sumerian texts, some Anunnaki came to this planet in search of gold. They needed this metal as a nano pool to protect the atmosphere of their planet from radiation. At first, the Anunnaki mined their gold on their own, but realizing that the development was very time-consuming, they began genetic manipulations with representatives of the earth's biosphere. Eventually, the so-called race of Adam-what we know today as humanity was created.

Thus, the Sumerian source is the ONLY one in the world that provides answers to two unsolvable questions of anthropology and economics:

Why do humans have 46 chromosomes, while all other primates on earth have 48?
2. Why there is an illogical and inexplicable demand for gold in every society and in every developed culture?

In Ecuador, when investigating ancient tunnel systems used for gold mining, 350 very strange-looking artifacts were found. At the same time, one of them, to the incredible surprise of archaeologists, exactly copies the pyramid with the "all-seeing eye" on the US dollar bill.:

"When exposed to black light, the all-seeing eye begins to glow, which is strange in itself — where did the Indians get ultraviolet lamps? However, much more surprising is the bottom of the pyramid, which clearly shows a star map of the Orion Belt, along with samples of writing that is older than any known writing on this planet.

According to the research of Klaus Don, such writings are found everywhere, all over the world, thereby proving that there was a certain GLOBAL civilization that is much older than any Sanskrit scriptures.

Since this artifact shows a map of the Orion belt at the bottom, what is the significance? Is it possible that our chief and supreme overlord came from the Orion Belt? Or maybe these Orion beings are under the thumb of the "all-seeing eye" and the Anunnaki gold?


The oldest Gnostic texts mention many times the so-called Rulers, Archons — non-physical entities that feed on negative energy, such as, for example, fear. This in particular explains why you will never feel good after watching the nightly news or reading the headlines of any modern newspaper.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the planetary pyramid of control looks like this:

However, what is NOT DISPLAYED in the pyramid are the extraterrestrial beings that are higher up. They're above the pyramid. Here is a list of them, as if in ascending order:

1. Lower evil aliens (such as Draco and Reptilians)

2. Higher evil aliens, i.e. higher-level outer races such as the Anunnaki

3. Archons and other invisible entities

Thus, the Archons represent the highest level of malicious extraterrestrial civilizations that literally feed on fear, death, pain, suffering, and sacrifice.

It is possible that the Archons rule the Anunnaki, and they in turn are the rulers of the Reptiles. But then who controls the Archons?

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Astrological schedule.

Since the Archons are the main ones in this list, fear and pain are the main elements in the entire system of planetary subordination. Therefore, people live forever either in suffering or in fear, so that the ruling elite can calm their extraterrestrial overlords through sacrifices (for example, starting another world war). However, the science of astrology is another important tool in the ruling equation.

Astrology relies on cycles of time that repeat themselves over and over again. For example, the last time Pluto entered Capricorn, it was during the French and American Revolutions. Pluto is known as the "Destroyer" and will destroy anything that is not in the best interests of humanity.

In 2008, Pluto re-entered Capricorn and will remain there until 2023. And as if right on schedule in 2008, we saw the collapse of the banking system in the United States. Then, exactly on schedule, we also saw a number of revolutions around the world. These are NOT coincidences!

Our extraterrestrial overlords are very well versed in astrology and use this as their schedule as well. However, it seems that the guys are slightly behind schedule and are under pressure from their higher alien overlords. The archons demand: "One new world — one new world order." Urgently!

The good news is that Pluto in Capricorn is already OUR opportunity to destroy everything that is not in the best interests of humanity. We all wake up from the false truths that have been imposed on us and begin to come together as one. Our rulers know this and will try to prevent us. They understand that the pyramid starts from the bottom. As soon as the bottom of the pyramid merges into a point, the pyramid will cease to exist.

Evil aliens are trying to escape from the planet

According to contactee Corey Goode, Draco and the Reptilians are now packing up their gear to get out of the Solar System.

According to another contactee, Dr. Simon Atkins, the cause of these events will be " Wave X "(Wave X) - some external huge force.

It creates a new energy pulse that gradually washes away all the Archon-built controllers. Therefore, the Reptilians were ordered to create CERN.

Atkins says that CERN and chemtrails are being used to prevent new incoming energy from coming to Earth, which is approximate:

CERN, namely its "hadron collider", can also be used to create portals or wormholes in space leading beyond the Solar System. According to them, the ruling elite of the Reptilians and their local puppets, recruited from people, plans to escape before all of them are brought to justice for the crimes committed during their reign. It is possible that Wave X prohibits malicious creatures from entering space by installing a power quarantine over our planet.

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