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America has begun moving military equipment and tanks to Ukraine. How much time is left for humanity before the start of the Third World War?

Military Analyst John Greig:

So the Neocon Zionists decided to plunge humanity into a nuclear Hell. They think that nuclear fire will not touch them. But they are deeply mistaken. If their maniacal dreams come true and they can unleash World War III, then there will be no winners.

But they don't understand it. Or they don't want to understand. Or they pretend they don't understand.

All their recent actions in relation to the great nuclear power, Russia, indicate that they decided everything for us. They are not interested in the opinion of those who do not belong to the “chosen people”.

And they went on the attack.

I won't tell you all the political events in recent days, all the attacks that they are carrying out in relation to Russia and other countries. The situation is heating up by the minute. Even our elected President Trump is unlikely to change anything. The Neocon Zionists blocked it heavily. Or he's just their puppet. The Senate, the CIA, the Army, no longer obey it and boycott it. How this confrontation will end for him can only be guessed. But a lot of it is his own fault!

The most important question now is how much patience does Russian President Putin have?

Let's look at THEIR preparations for World War III from a practical point of view just in the last couple of days:

This is just an example of our president digging his own grave: Neocon, Trump's envoy: Russia has more tanks in Ukraine than in all of Western Europe

Kurt Vogel (Neocon Zionist), Trump's new chief "diplomatic" representative on the Ukraine conflict:

"First of all, Russia is already in Ukraine, they are already well armed," he said. "There are more Russian tanks there than [tanks] in Western Europe, and it's a big military presence."

More Russian tanks in the Donbas than in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands combined? OK, then it would be very easy to provide us with at least one photo showing at least one battalion of Russian tanks in Eastern Ukraine.

Where is it?

Or did Vogel mean that Russia has thousands of invisible tanks in Ukraine?

And now THEIR military actions:

On July 26, 300 tanks and heavy military equipment were urgently transferred to the Port of Port Arthur, USA, for transfer abroad.

Later it became known that they should be loaded onto the US Navy transport cargo ship, Green Ridge. Interestingly, the Russians have already accused the ship of transporting American tanks to Eastern Europe.

26 Jul
Already Happened @M3t4_tr0n
~300 vehicles reportedly moved into Port of Port Arthur, US, prob for overseas OPs, Green Ridge seems moored there // …
Already Happened @M3t4_tr0n
Interesting to know, according to @defense_news Green Ridge was harassed by Russia in 1 of its trip toward Lithuania // …
8:02 PM — Jul 26, 2017
Photo published for Russian military ‘harassed’ US-flagged merchant ship in the Baltic ahead of exercises
Russian military ‘harassed’ US-flagged merchant ship in the Baltic ahead of exercises
The Russian military has been accused of harassing a U.S.-flagged cargo ship carrying equipment for an annual military exercise in the Baltic region that wrapped up Friday.
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And yesterday it became known that the destination port of Green Ridge is Odessa, Ukraine.

In addition, it became known that two more transport cargo ships of the US Navy will be loaded with tanks and armored vehicles next week, and will go to the port of Odesa, Ukraine.

But in recent days, our military equipment has been transferred to Ukraine not only by water.

A US military convoy was spotted yesterday in Krosno, Poland near the border with Ukraine, moving towards the border:

Already Happened @M3t4_tr0n
US military convoy spotted today in Krosno, Poland near the border with Ukraine // …
9:53 PM — Jul 27, 2017
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Also, residents of the Polish town of Helm are located 25 km away. from the Ukrainian border, three more large convoys of US military equipment are reported heading towards the border with Ukraine. Many armored personnel carriers, Paladin M109A6 self-propelled artillery units, and other heavy military equipment were seen in the columns.

Today it became known that several squadrons of our fighters and bombers are being transferred to Poland next week. All spring, the Polish authorities, together with our specialists, secretly prepared airfields for our aircraft. Interestingly, on specialized forums of pilots, they have a conversation that our planes are being transferred to Poland for military operations in the skies of Ukraine.

As we can see, activation and pre-war preparations have begun.

Why Ukraine, I think you do not need to explain. Kagal Nuland-Kagan, the Zionist coup in Ukraine was not for nothing. And their tribesmen who came to power, to date, have prepared a beautiful springboard from this territory, for the start of a Big War against Russia. Although the local ruling Zionists had more modest plans and wanted to turn Eastern Ukraine into just another Gaza Strip.

But THEY cannot do without THEIR NATO allies in this coming war.

And so on July 26, they agreed:

The NATO Deputy Secretary General met with the US Special Representative at the alliance's headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday. Ms. Gottemoeller and U.S. Representative Vogel discussed the security situation in Eastern Ukraine, Kyiv's reforms, and support (including military support) for Ukraine.

And as it became known yesterday, the result of an informal conversation between them was an agreement on the beginning of active influence on Russia.

What is meant by this influence, we can already see from the behavior of our armed forces. It remains to wait for NATO troops to join them. But as we all know, there are enough NATO troops on the borders with Russia. The exercises conducted by NATO over the past year clearly show who they are going to fight against.

We can only wait for the BEGINNING!!! And God save us!

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