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The Titanic disaster has remained a mystery to everyone for decades, but after a hundred years and comparing different facts, we can say that the Rothschilds are behind all this.

When the Titanic was first built, all the major newspapers of the time, owned by wealthy financiers such as J. P. Morgan, praised the Titanic to the skies and praised it in every possible way.

Especially many articles were devoted to the royal splendor of interiors, worthy of ancient rulers, and the prestige of the first voyage. All the famous millionaires of that time fell for this bait like cheese in a mousetrap (due to the very high value of the dollar, pound, rubles, and other currencies, there were no billionaires in 1913).

So the Titanic was the perfect excuse to get all the financiers together, convincing them to buy tickets for an exciting transatlantic trip. But somehow it also happened that all the millionaires who bought a cruise ticket were ardent opponents of the idea of the Fed, which was only being discussed at that time. That is the transfer of the US central bank to private hands.

Historically, the Federal Reserve System has had global opposition in the financial world. Three of the richest and most prominent opponents of the Fed were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isadore Strauss (who made his fortune in the Macy's department store chain), and John Jacob Astor, who was probably the richest man in the world. Their total wealth was over $ 500 million.

These three, in particular, were personally encouraged in every possible way to swim on board the floating palace. The reason they had to get together was that the Jesuits had learned through their channels that these people intended to use all their wealth and political influence to oppose the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as the war in Europe that the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan cartel was planning.

Historically, the Rothschilds ' wealth was based on the control of Europe. For centuries, they have built a system of central banks that lend money to governments. This was done in England, France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. But the main prize was, of course, young America.

A very strange coincidence: J. P. Morgan, who financed the construction of the Titanic, is to sail as the central figure of the event. But at the last moment, he canceled his trip without giving any reason. However, three of the most important leaders of the opposition to the Federal Reserve were killed in the sinking of the ship.

And 6 months after the death “Of Titanic " appeared in the US Federal Reserve System. And six months later, the First World War began.

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