How Bloodlines of "elites" and Secret Societies Control the World

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In the West, we were all united by the idea that we are free citizens of sovereign countries, where our democratically elected Governments govern according to the wishes of the people.

If our desires are not realized, they are usually explained as due to misfortunes, such as crises, security threats or wars, or the stupidity of our governments. The few people who doubt these explanations, or even suspect that the hidden threads of governance behind our time or the official narrative of our history, easily fit in as conspiracy theories.

Our rulers in ancient times.

Of course, there were no hidden threads of social governance when humanity was in its "prehistory" prior to our "real history." For about 200,000 years, our ancestors lived in small nomadic communities, fairly distributing food obtained by hunting and gathering.

All issues and rules were settled through lengthy discussions, where opinions were usually agreed upon before consensus was reached. Our prehistoric world was ruled by high-ranking people.

Everything started to change about 10,000 years ago with revolutionary innovations in crop and livestock production. Many communities have become sedentary, and small villages have become larger. Artisans-tailors, potters, artists - had to trade with people who produced food.

At some point, money such as shells or clay tablets became a convenient substitute for barter. Then there were silver and gold coins, and inevitably some people got poorer and others got richer. Then people with more affluence started giving their money to people who needed it. Sometimes as a favor, but usually against interest.

It was then discovered that even a small percentage applied over several years would quickly double the debt, such as 10% over seven years. Thus, the treacherous power of usury has emerged, capable of destroying the fabric of any egalitarian society.

Ancient knowledge of the wreckage caused by usury led to its prohibition in the three religions of Abraham: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Today, it is forbidden only in Islam.

Through usury, the first bankers of Babylon became so rich and powerful that they controlled the kings and priests.

Commercial laws were developed that protected the elite and even gave them the right to treat conquered people as goods: the slave system became the basis of the state.

After the fall of Babylon, other empires came and went, such as the Persian, Phoenician, and Roman empires. In general, the question "who controls the world" is easy to answer.

Rapid advance in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, Europe was openly dominated by a down-to-earth aristocracy that kept rural residents in feudal serfdom, obliging them to deliver part of their crops in exchange for protection. The dominant religion was Catholicism, which prohibited usury.

However, there was a high demand for money lending, and only Jews were allowed to do so (however, they were religiously prohibited from lending money to other Jews). They were among the few people who could write and keep records, and through their networks large sums of money could be made available to high-ranking debtors.

Lending was a very lucrative business, but it was also risky, as there were practically no guarantees for repayment of the loan. Taxation of subjects was usually used to solve this problem. This unpopular task was often given to creditors, and such tax activities led to people's hatred.

The Inquisition drove the Jews out of Spain in 1492 and out of Portugal in 1496. Because of their capital and international networks, they were sheltered in Holland and Venice.

In the early 1600s, Holland was the rising country of the West, and Venice was the richest, oldest, and probably most treacherous European empire. Portugal, using a new trade route through Africa, closed part of the lucrative trade in Asia.

In addition, Venice was not well placed for business with the newly discovered and already booming (via stolen gold and silver) America. Thus, work began on creating a new and larger empire with safer and more convenient bases on the Atlantic coast in Holland and England.

These Protestant lands were friendly to usury and thus were promising grounds for developing a new, less risky credit system. The participants were Giovanni's ambitious faction of Venetian oligarchs (as specialists of the empire), wealthy Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal (as financial specialists), and the opportunistic Anglo-Dutch Protestant nobility and aristocracy (as puppets and speculators).

The basis for this three-pronged project has been prepared since the early 1500s, when the policies of separatism and the policies of the Venetian oligarchy supported the Protestant revolution in Northern Europe. Venice also helped the new Protestant Dutch Republic in its long struggle with Catholic Spain (1568-1648), and later acted as an instigator in the disastrous 30-year war between European Protestants and Catholics (1618-48).

Venetian and Sephardic capital and knowledge were an important factor behind the British and Dutch companies in the East Indies (founded around 1600), with banking experience in Venice transferred to Dutch Venice as the Bank of Amsterdam (1609).

With a little Sephardic-Venetian help, the tiny Dutch republic was elevated to a world empire and its Golden Age. Meanwhile, Britain was preparing for its future role as a much larger and safer base.

Both countries seized the Venetian trade in slaves, silver and gold, and drugs, and were also actively engaged in piracy and colonization of distant lands-yes, and spreading Christianity, no moral dilemmas!

Later, in the 17th century, Venetian-Sephardic sponsorship allowed Oliver Cromwell to take over Britain. They also provided financial support to the invading army led by Dutch puppet William III of Orange, which led to the overthrow of King James II of England, known as the 1688 story of the Glorious Revolution.

Six years later, the Bank of England was established as a private bank with a monopoly on issuing money as interest-bearing debt. Very quickly, the belligerent William plunged the state into large debts to the new bank. At the same time, tax laws were established to guarantee the repayment of debts by the state and eliminate risks for bankers.

Of course, the state could produce its own money without having to pay interest or tax its own people, but this was clearly not part of the deal made by corrupt governors. The result is a hard - fought but hidden golden crown in a three-pronged endeavor that began almost two centuries ago.

Bankers were the new rulers of the world, but for the first time in history they were invisible to the people: in the future, usury was secretly and gradually extended to all citizens, including those who do not have bank loans.

Thanks to Dutch financial capital, Great Britain soon became the dominant world power and a conduit for widespread international systems of usury, both overt and covert. The only exception was some Muslim countries (one reason why they are being destroyed since September 11).

The enormous deceptive and controlling power of the captains of money behind the scenes is best illustrated by the incredible fact that until recently, almost no one ever asked themselves to investigate this system: not economists, not governments, not investigative journalists, not political parties, not even smart socialists or Marxists!

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The New World Order Project (NWO).

During the 19th century, one family became comptroller of financial capital, both directly in the British Empire and in Europe, and secretly in the United States through their representatives, the Morgan and Kuhn-Lob banks.

The Rothschilds amassed probably half of the world's wealth not only through hidden usury, but also from open usury on loans to kings, countries, and corporations. It was only a matter of time before the Rothschild banking family merged with the American Rockefellers and their big oil companies.

By the early 20th century, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their global corporations and networks were more powerful than any country on earth.

According to then-US President Woodrow Wilson:

"Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so vigilant, so interconnected, so complete, so pervasive, that it is best not to speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

This power has bribed politicians (including Wilson and subsequent US presidents), infiltrated the opposition and the media, corrupted governments, and taken over science. To join their games, you had to sell your soul to the devil, and suddenly doors or markets, quarries or stocks opened up and you collected a ton of money!

Moreover, the banker's shrewdness got most of the dirty work done by subordinates and the power of money: empires, their armies and secret services; the mafia; the military and industry; and even idealistic or revolutionary movements. And it even worked for ordinary people, as our solutions often prefer money over life.

These elites financed wars and political assassinations, often producing events (i.e. false flag attacks) to provoke conflict in their favor. This power has been widely used in the last century — more than 140 million deaths-as part of a strategy to ensure their position at the top of power.

The turn-based multiplayer NWO project was masterfully described by Richard K. Moore in his article "A Brief History of the New World Order".

"WWI was a landmark event that began to identify a program towards a new world order, a unified global hierarchy ... under the control of elite financiers ... Britain was no longer the obvious choice as the basis for a global power grab.

"Thus, the decision was made to move the hegemony from London to Washington ... after the First World War, America became a world power … While Europeans and Britons were dying by the millions on the battlefields, Americans were booming, leading to their golden age in the roaring 1920s ... the Allies were saddled with an astronomical debt to the American Treasury and banking elite …

"We could say that America won the First World War, and all of Europe lost — and lost a big one. The Europeans had to pay America huge sums for the privilege of ruining each other ... Britain won the battle for Europe for a while; America won the battle for the strongest nation, longer — but it was the banking elite that won the war — for discretionary power over the future course of world affairs."

A once-secret account of the causes of World War I is told in Hidden History: The Secret Origins of World War I by Jim McGregor and Gerry Doherty. The secret elite of the British Empire prepared the operation. If the Sarajevo trigger had failed,there was also a fallback scenario — the sudden discovery of German weapons that they had smuggled into Ireland.

"The Rothschilds, the oil companies controlled by Rockefeller, could have immediately shut down Germany and its war machine, but that never happened. When food shortages threatened to stop Germany in 1915, the banksters quickly guaranteed them a massive supply through a fake commission to help Belgium, headed by their agent and "philanthropist" Herbert Hoover, who then became President of the United States. Thus, the genocide can continue, resulting in 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, often severely maimed.

Naturally, Machiavellian bankers "never let a good crisis go to waste." Using the same forgery, they helped initiate other important NWO projects under the cover of World War I, such as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the League of Nations (a precursor to the United Nations), and the Balfour Declaration, the initial step for the Zionist Israel project.

After the war, thousands of agents were used in a massive cover-up operation, again directed by Herbert Hoover, who filled his new institute at Stanford University with troves of documents from all over Europe. In the early 1920s, he participated in other "humanitarian efforts" to save the Soviet Union from starvation and at the same time preserve the future "enemy".

After four senseless — for the people — years of war, the Germans were forced to take all the blame. At the Versailles Peace Conference, " bankers guaranteed debt repayment and conditions for their next NWO project, WWII.

In excerpts from the same article by Richard Moore:

"WWI was such a successful project that planning began immediately for a grander sequel, another giant step towards a new world order. In the early 1920s, back in the days of the Weimar Republic, Krupp's team of engineers was secretly assigned a project: to come up with designs for a line of military equipment suitable for war in twenty years ' time.

"In this way, the advanced armaments that served the Reich so well when the time came were conceived. Despite the fact that Germany was destitute and bound by a treaty not to rearm, someone knew and told Krupp that all this would change — and on time.... Hitler was a project of Anglo-American bankers.

"His charismatic brilliance was noticed... and a huge profit was made by investing in the process of German rearmament ... [see <url>]. "The Conquest of Hitler by Guido Drugs"] The World War II project achieved all its goals admirably.

"Although they fought only marginally, and suffered minor losses — compared to other major combatants — the US was left with an intact infrastructure, 40% of the world's wealth and industrial potential, control of the seven seas, a monopoly on atomic weapons, strategic footholds in the oil shakes of the Middle East, and general popular recognition as a heroic leader." democracy. Naturally, the world's view turned to Washington for leadership in shaping the post-war world.

"And America was ready with the project. The bankers selected a committee from their Council on Foreign Relations and sent it to the White House to design the postwar architecture.

"America has now been secured as a hegemonic base of operations, more viable for this role than Britain, and it is time to move forward with the next phase of the new world order project. Thus, immediately after the end of the war, the Bretton Woods globalist institutions-the UN, the IMF, and the World Bank-were the first foundation stones for a possible world government."

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 The power to turn the truth around

Banksters have turned the truth on its head with the power of deception, turning the instigators of these destructive wars into heroes themselves. So how did they handle it? By controlling the mainstream media, science and academia (particularly history and economics), the education system, and the entertainment industry.

This is how they shape our perception of the present and past, and why most people remain unaware of these machinations. When they finally hear the truth, it's hard for them to understand, because the lies are so big, the scale is so vast, and the real events of the story are so different from what we've been told.

In order to wake up and accept the truth about the situation, and admit that we were deceived, most people go through a painful process of cognitive dissonance, which is like losing part of your identity.

Today, a lot of misinformation comes through the Internet, false and dead-end ways to distract you from the truth: the conspiracy for world domination is variously associated with the Jesuits, Jews, Illuminati, British, Zionists, Nazis, Freemasons, etc.

These groups were indeed involved, but they were always pawns and bankers ' deceptions. History shows that bankers have no loyalty to any race, nation, group, or religion. They are their own gods, and all other slaves, whether classified as useful fools or useless eaters, must be reduced in numbers.

The next enemy project has been on the waiting list for a long time: Islamic extremism! The Court "scientist Samuel Huntington prepared the public with his "Clash of Civilizations", his message was distributed to more than hundreds of think tanks. Then came 9/11, the war on terror, and the erosion of civil rights in all the so-called Western democracies.

Since then, under the guise of" democracy " for former dictatorships, the playing field for their new world order has been leveled by removing the last few independent countries.

What can we do?

The future designed by the masters of this "global plantation" will look like Huxley's Brave New World or 1984. Orwell's book. If we know who rules the world, then the big question is: what can we do to protect our already weakened freedoms?

My answer is something that empowers people and their peoples, promotes life rather than money, and makes us less dependent on Big Banks and Big Corporations:

  • Aim for a ban on war, because wars in our time are wars created by banks.
  • Return sovereignty to our peoples, with proper international relations and leagues for peace and cooperation, as US Presidents J. F. Kennedy and Gandhi wanted.
  • Spread the true story of our world and its wars, which should be incorporated into our educational systems, media, and scientific history.
  • Less corporate and bank control: no cashless societies or predatory corporate trade agreements like TPP or TTIP (it's about "power", not trade).
  • Stop projects to give all poor people in developing countries a bank account or micro-credit. Get out of debt to banks as soon as possible, as well as an important safety measure in a troubled future.
  • Create interest-free money systems proposed by Margret Kennedy and her successors, such as Positive Money,
  • Counteract a greater loss of privacy with SMART meters, the Internet of Things, human microchip implants( RFID), laws designed to increase oversight of the powers of the authorities, etc.
  • Turn off controlled mainstream media and inform yourself through independent journalists, writers, and magazines.
  • Go organic and / or grow your own: not only healthy for you and the environment, but also not dependent on big farming, dangerous GMOs, and pesticides and fertilizers derived from oil.
  • Support local initiatives such as renewable energy production, food markets, health services, and insurance schemes.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid Big Pharma solutions whenever you can.
  • A huge awakening of "we the people" is urgently needed if we are to put an end to this evil game. Spread the word and participate in peaceful activities!

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