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The world conspiracy theory, the world government, secret and occult societies, the world behind the scenes... Someone laughs and considers all this a joke or just a well-publicized duck, someone shrugs his shoulders and says, I'm not interested in this, and someone is ready to spend hours on end proving the theory about aliens who have seized power over the world and enslaving our civilization. It's funny, but all this looks like very strong smoke with the visible absence of fire. I remember the words from the book of Ecclesiastes:

In much wisdom is much sorrow; and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

On the one hand, it is clear why most people avoid serious study of this issue and hide their heads in the sand, and on the other hand, not knowing the state of affairs in the world around them does not bode well for the whole society as a whole, and for each individual. So let's roll up our sleeves and try to lift the veil of secrecy over the topic "Who really rules our world". Let's look at the general structure of today's Archon pyramid and try to gather the available information about such an organization as the Committee of 300.

First, let's turn to the book "Sensei. Primordial Shambhala IV" (it just so happens that this book is the most cited in our research materials).

... "That's right. What do people know about the same Ahriman? By and large, thanks to the efforts of the Archons, they are given information on this subject at the level of development of a six-year-old child, something like " Satan is a bad, terrible babay, with horns and hooves, who will drag you to his kingdom of darkness and will boil you in a cauldron with tar if you do not listen to us and do what we say." By the way, not only in religion, but also in politics, the Archons use the same technique of providing information to most people, and all over the world. And this is because the mass of people do not perceive serious information, especially of political significance. It turns out a paradox: it seems that every individual considers himself intelligent, intelligent, and most serious information is perceived only in a primitive explanation at the level of a young child. And this was both in ancient times and now. Therefore, the Archons used it and still use it today, nominating their own people as interpreters.

For example, one of the first influential circles of the Archons has been known since ancient times as "Freemasons". Many branches grow from this trunk. There are also so-called "Brotherhood of the Snake", "Brotherhood of the Dragon", "Illuminati", "Freemasons" and other secret societies. Historians are still trying to figure out which of them came from which. But only more confused. Why? Because the Archons ' goal is to shuffle and confuse everything in such a way that few people will guess and get to the bottom of the true essence of all these secret societies. And the essence is simple. The prevailing majority of secret societies are pawns in the hands of the Archons for Ahriman's manipulations.

Ahriman is just playing on people's weaknesses. And one of these weaknesses is the subconscious attraction of people to secrets. And here not only the spiritual impulse of a person is affected, his desire to break out of the chain of reincarnation with the help of secret knowledge, but most often it is a banal selfish ambition to possess this knowledge for the sake of power over his own kind. That's why the vast majority of secret societies thrive under Archons. And given the fact that people do not just want to master secret knowledge, but also create their own "empire" around them, we have the fact that today almost the entire world is ruled by a secret world government — the Archons.

"This is just a small episode in the global game of Archons," Sensei said after listening to the guys ' remarks, and continued his story about the creation of the United States. — So, regarding the United States... When the Archons completed their plan to expand state borders, they began using the same barbaric methods to artificially raise the US economy to the level of a world leader and establish this state as a world power. In order to significantly weaken its strong European competitors, including Russia, gaining large economic growth (among other things the army which at that time was the largest in the world), and Germany, which became even stronger in England as an industrial and militarily, the Archons was provoked by the First world war. That is, when the situation in Europe, while they were engaged in the creation of the United States, began to actually get out of their control, they arranged a "redivision of the world", with the redistribution of spheres of influence, colonies, capital investments, sources of raw materials and sales markets. Everything was thought out in advance and carefully planned to the smallest detail. The so-called "Committee of 300" was preparing for the First World War.

"Oh, who's that horse in the coat?" Zhenya asked sarcastically.

— This is one of the organizations that is included in the current pyramid of the hierarchy of Archons. Perhaps, so that you can better understand what is happening, I will tell you more about the structure of today's pyramid of Archons. So, under the control of Ahriman (who in very narrow circles is referred to only as the "All-seeing Eye", and in wide circles it is perceived more abstractly as the "guiding spirit", the "eye of Lucifer") there are twelve Archons. This closed "priestly circle" forms together the "Council of 13", six of whose members are also endowed with the position of priestly "Judges" under the leadership of Ahriman. This, in fact, is the main Archon shelter. Further, under the control of the Archons is the "Council of 33", which represents the highest-ranking" Freemasons " who have extensive spheres of influence in world politics, economics and the church. These "Freemasons", in turn, make up the elite of the"Committee of 300".

I will note that at first this committee, founded in 1729 by an organization called the British East India Trading Company, was created for various commercial enterprises to support the opium trade and conduct transactions with international banks. It was managed through the British Crown. But when it was taken over by the "Freemasons", the situation changed significantly. Today, the "Committee of 300" has more than three hundred members, including the most influential representatives of Western countries. It includes the bulk of the world's banking system.

Then there are a lot of other secret organizations that are part of each other, like the feathers of an onion. In fact, these "feathers" come from a certain group of people who create several different branches at once, where they themselves enter. It is convenient for the archons to do this because one and the same influential person, in addition to owning some large international companies or corporations or holding an influential position at the world level, is included in several secret societies at once, where he exercises secret control over its members and at the same time is a link with the other branches of this unified system.

For example, one of the organizations controlled by representatives of the Archons, the Round Table, created a semi-secret subsidiary organization, the Council on International Relations (CFR), which is now one of the most influential in the United States. Almost all American presidents were CFR members even before they were elected to this post. By the way, it is under the CFR that the management of the World Bank is located. The inner circle of CFR is the Order of the Skull and Bones, which in turn includes the inner circle of the Jason Society, which is a branch of the Order of Search. By the way, it is from these people that the executive members of the "Council of International Relations" and the "Trilateral Commission"are recruited. Members of these Orders take a specific oath that releases them from any obligations towards anyone and anything, meaning the people, the government, the legal laws of a particular country, and so on. They believe that this oath of theirs neutralizes any other oath that a member of the Order may take in the course of their activities. That is, loyalty and loyalty is only carried out in relation to one's own Order.

I am already silent for such an American-European organization as the Bilderbergers (created by a former Essex man who served on the I. G. Farben, a member of the "Committee of 300", now known in history as Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands), whose members represent the most influential financiers, industrialists, state leaders and scientists. The Bilderberg Committees, which are headquartered in Switzerland, consist of members of various secret societies of "Freemasons", for example," Freemasons"," Vatican","Black Nobility". Well, in general, and so on and so forth.

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As can be seen from the above material, the "Committee of 300" is a serious and well-organized secret organization that plays an important role in the power structure of the Archons. It includes the most influential representatives of Western countries and the main part of the world's banking system. This organization has quite a long history and during this time a large number of projects directed against humanity have already been implemented with its participation. And here is some interesting data collected by John Coleman, a man who devoted his life to exposing the activities of the Committee of 300 and published his revelatory data in the book " THE COMMITTEE OF 300: SECRETS OF WORLD GOVERNMENT."

The book has not lost its relevance for more than 20 years. It is basic for many contemporary researchers, as it was written by a person who directly participated in the work to strengthen the influence of the Committee of Three Hundred.

You can easily download the book on the Internet, it is available.

Next, I will give you a series of quotes that will help you understand the content of this book, as well as the scope and depth of the issues raised in it:

"Imagine a VERY POWERFUL GROUP (which does not recognize any national borders), including banking, insurance, coal mining, medicine trading, and the oil industry, whose members are solely responsible to the members of this group. This is the Committee of 300."

"During my career as a career intelligence officer, I have repeatedly obtained access to highly classified documents, but during my service as a political science officer in Angola, I had the opportunity to study a number of top secret documents, the contents of which were unusually frank. What I saw filled me with anger and indignation, and I set out on a path that I never turned away from again — my goal was to show everyone what kind of force controls and governs the governments of Great Britain and the United States."

"The open conspiracy against God and man, which includes enslaving the majority of people left on this earth after wars, disasters and mass murder, is not particularly hidden. Scouts have a rule: the best way to hide something is to put it in a prominent place. For example, when in 1938 Germany wanted to hide information about its new super-fighter “Messerschmidt", the plane was shown at the Paris Aviation Exhibition. While secret agents and spies were collecting and transmitting information through caches in tree holes and brickwork, the information they were hunting was right under their noses.

The top-level parallel secret government does not operate from dark basements and secret dungeons. It is located in full view of the White House, Congress, 10 Downing Street and the British Parliament. It's akin to those creepy and deliberately chilling "monster" movies, where a monster with distorted features, long hair, and even longer teeth appears, snarling and spitting in all directions. These films only serve as a distraction, while THE REAL MONSTERS wear business suits and drive to work on Capitol Hill in limousines.

These people are IN PLAIN SIGHT. These people are servants of the World Government and the New World Order. Like a rapist who stops a car and offers the victim a ride, he DOESN't look like the monster he really is. If he had looked like this, his intended victim would have run screaming in terror. The same is true for Governments at all levels. President Bush DIDN't LOOK like a zealous servant of a top — level parallel government; but make no mistake about him-he's as much of a MONSTER as the bogeymen in the horror movies."

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"The inevitable consequence is the undermining of the foundations of Christianity; the slow but steady destruction of industrial nation-states; the annihilation of hundreds of millions of people considered by the Committee of 300 as 'surplus populations'; and the elimination of any leader who would dare to stand in the way of the Committee of 300's global planning to achieve the above goals."

"Dependence on US financial aid actually keeps foreign countries in thrall to the Council on Foreign Relations. The population of the countries that receive such assistance gets only a few crumbs, and the main part settles in the pockets of state leaders, who allow the IMF to predatingly siphon natural resources from the country."

"How do the conspirators manage to hold the whole world by the throat, and especially the United States and Great Britain? The most commonly asked question is “ " How can one individual organization know at any given time about everything that is happening in the world, and how does it exercise its control in general?” In this book, we will try to answer this and other questions. The only way to really counter the success of the conspirators is to openly name and discuss secret societies, as well as the organizations that serve as a screen for these societies, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations, the oil industry, and hundreds of thousands of other organizations and foundations hiding under various signs, but nevertheless subordinate to the Committee of 300 — The supreme controlling body that has ruled the world for at least a hundred years."

As I have often argued, we have all been led to believe that the roots of this problem are in Moscow. As a result of the increased brainwashing, we have truly come to believe that communism is America's greatest danger. In reality, things are completely different. The greatest threat comes from the mass of traitors in our own ranks. Our Constitution calls on us to identify our enemies in our own homes. Our enemies are the servants of the Committee of 300, who occupy high positions in the structure of our governing bodies. It is in the UNITED STATES that we MUST confront the darkness that threatens to engulf us; it is here that we must identify and defeat these internal conspirators.

"The Committee of 300 has planted agents in the heart of the United States-in the government, in Congress, as presidential advisers, as ambassadors, and as secretaries of state. From time to time, the Club of Rome holds meetings and conferences, which, despite their innocuous names, actually turn into working commissions, each of which is assigned a special task and set a deadline for its implementation. In the absence of an emergency, the Committee of 300 operates on a very precise schedule."

"Increased pressure on our nation to change it has been exerted by the Stanford Research Institute since the early sixties. SIA's offensive was gaining strength and power. Turn on your TV and you will see this victory firsthand: talk shows on the topic of the most intimate sexual details, special video channels where perversion, rock and roll and drugs reign supreme. Where John Wayne was once an idol, we now have an artificial apology for a man (or even a man?) Michael Jackson is a parody of a human being who is revered as a hero, while he spins, kicks, mutters and screams on the television screens of millions of American homes.

About a woman who has gone through a whole series of marriages and divorces, the media trumpet the whole country. Hours of airtime are devoted to one or another of these unwashed drug-addicted and decadent rock bands, their crazy sounds, crazy antics, clothing, and language perversions. Soap operas, where some scenes are close to pornographic, no longer cause comments. In the sixties, this would not have been tolerated, but now it is considered the norm. We have been treated to what the Tavistock Institute calls" future shocks, " and that future HAS ALREADY ARRIVED, and we are already so deafened by these constant cultural shocks that any protest seems like a useless gesture, so logically we think there is no point in protesting."

"Led by Bush with his 'lack of moral absolutes', we are crawling along like a lost nation, and this is reflected in the mood of individuals. We cooperate with the Committee of 300 for our own ruin and enslavement. Some people feel this and are very concerned. The various conspiracy theories they are familiar with don't seem to be able to fully reveal them. This is because they know nothing about the Hierarchy of Conspirators-the Committee of 300.

These souls who feel deeply disturbed, who feel that something completely wrong is happening, still can't muster their strength to solve problems while wandering in the dark. They look into a future that eludes them. The American dream becomes a mirage. They invest their faith in religion, but do not take any steps to support this belief with ACTION. Americans have never experienced a renaissance the way Europeans experienced it in the darkest moment of the Dark Ages. By their decisive ACTION, they awakened the spirit of transformation, resulting in a glorious Rebirth.

The enemy who led them to this result decided in 1980 to strike the United States with such force that the revival of America would be impossible. Who is this enemy? This enemy is not a faceless "they". The enemy is clearly defined as the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, NATO, and all their affiliates, think tanks, and research organizations run by Tavistock. There is no need to use the words "they” or” enemy" except as an abbreviation. WE KNOW WHO “THEY " ARE AND WHO THE ENEMY IS. The Committee of 300, with its” aristocracy " of the liberal establishment on the East coast of the United States, its banks, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communication networks led by a HIERARCHY OF CONSPIRATORS — THIS IS THE ENEMY.

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This force brought about the Bolshevik revolution and established a reign of terror in Russia, unleashed World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and organized crises in Rhodesia, South Africa, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. This is a secret super-government that has carried out the directed collapse of the US economy and the final deindustrialization of a country that was once the world's greatest industrial power."

"Here are just a few of the former members whose descendants filled the vacant seats after their deaths, as well as the current members of the Committee of 300: Sir Mark Turner, Gerald Villiers, Samuel Montague, Inchcapes, Keswicks, Peases), Schroeders, Airlies, Churchillies Churchills, Frasers, Lazars, and Jardine Mathesons. The full list of members of the Committee of 300 is provided elsewhere in this book; these Committee of 300 men ORDERED President Wilson to march against Germany in World War I; this Committee ordered Roosevelt to instigate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in order to bring the United States into World War II.

These people, this Committee, ordered our nation to fight in Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. The truth is that the United States fought five wars this century in the name of the nefarious Committee of 300. It seems that almost no one, with the exception of a few, will stop and ask “ " WHY DID WE FIGHT IN THESE WARS?"The big drum of 'patriotism', warlike music, waving flags and yellow ribbons seem to have robbed the great nation of its mind."

"...when you see Swiss ski slopes, beautiful sentinels, virgin mountains and cuckoo clocks in bright advertising brochures. This is not the real Switzerland. The real Switzerland is the laundering of many billions of dirty dollars, which is carried out by the largest Swiss banks, it is the “legal” production of drugs under the auspices of the Committee of 300. Switzerland is the main "shelter" for their money and bodies in times of global disasters."

The unique prophetic cartoon " I, Pet Goat II "("I am a domestic goat 2") perfectly shows the state of affairs in the world:

"President Jefferson once said that he felt sorry for those who think they know everything about what is happening by reading the newspapers. British Prime Minister Disraeli said much the same thing. Indeed, for centuries, rulers have enjoyed ruling from behind the scenes of the stage. Man has always felt the desire to dominate, and nowhere and never has this desire been so overwhelming as in our time.

If this were not the case, why would secret societies be needed? If we were governed by an open system run by democratically elected officials, what need would there be for secret Masonic lodges in every village, town, and city in the United States? How can it be that Freemasonry operates so openly and at the same time hides its secrets so well? We cannot ask this question to the Nine Unknown Persons of the Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris, nor to their nine colleagues in the Quatuar Coronati Lodge in London. Nevertheless, these 18 people form part of an even more secretive government — the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and then the Committee of 300.

How could it be that Scottish Rite Freemasonry was able to indoctrinate John Hinckley to shoot President Reagan? Why do we need such secret orders as the Knights of St. Nicholas? St. John of Jerusalem", "Round Table", "Milner Group" and other similar secret societies? They form part of a worldwide chain of command and control carried out through the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and finally directly by the Hierarchy of Conspirators themselves, the Committee of 300. These secret societies are necessary because their activities are criminal and must be concealed. Evil cannot stand the light of truth."

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"The Watergate prosecution of Nixon at that time was the largest coup carried out by the Round Table, an agency and tool of the CIMD. All the tangled threads of this case led to the Round Table, and from there to the CIMD and directly to the Queen of England. Nixon's humiliation was an object lesson and a warning to future presidents of the United States not to imagine that they could go against the Committee of 300 and win. Kennedy was ruthlessly assassinated in full view of the entire American people for the same reason; Nixon's figure was not considered so significant as to merit the fate of John F. Kennedy.

But no matter what method is chosen, the Committee of 300 is making sure that every candidate for a White House seat gets the message: "there is not a single person out of our reach.” That this warning remains valid, as it did at the time of Kennedy's assassination and Nixon's ouster, is evidenced by the behavior of President George W. Bush, whose efforts to serve his masters should cause serious concern to those concerned about the future of the United States."

If someone still believes that the Archons do not exist, and President Kennedy is no different from a humorist who invents various unrealistic stories, then you can continue to hide your head in the sand, because the concept of a free person is not available to you, you have already been turned into a slave. You can go on quoting John Coleman's book "The Committee of 300" for a long time, which contains a huge amount of facts, comparisons and analysis, but it is better for a person looking for the truth to familiarize himself with this information. I would recommend doing this after reading A. Novykh's books. John Coleman, to the best of his abilities and abilities, described the activities of only a part of the world power structure of the Archons, and in the books of A. Novykh, knowledge about our world is given in its entirety, including the place of the Archons in the overall system of the world order.

I understand that the article brought a sense of despondency and hopelessness, but, as they say, "you can't get words out of a song." I don't want to end this work on a depressing note, so I suggest that we look at the situation from a different POINT of VIEW:

— To be honest, even with all my knowledge and experience as a combat officer, I've never heard of such a thing, much less secret societies of this level. Could you please enlighten me a little on this matter? And seeing Sensei's hesitation, he added: "It is better, as they say, to know the enemy by sight than to remain in the dark.

To which Sensei replied:

"What Archons are your enemies?" These are unfortunate people who mistakenly chose the empty and temporary instead of the eternal. Their choice was made in the direction of matter, or rather Ahriman. A person constantly invents some enemies for himself, because, by and large, he cannot resolve his internal conflict between his Animal and Spiritual ones. Relations between groups of people and States are just an enlarged, inflated copy of this conflict. But in reality, the worst enemy for a person is himself, or rather his Animal nature. You can't fight with it in the usual ways, because the greater the confrontation, the stronger the aggression on the part of the Animal will be, because you put your attention into this conflict. You can defeat it only by your unwillingness to succumb to the provocations and temptations of the Animal nature, as well as by focusing on the spiritual, useful for the soul. And then, when you take such an internal position and sincerely follow it, then you will have no enemies in the outside world, and life will turn into an exciting game. After all, we live here temporarily, consider it a guest. (A. New "Sensei. Primordial Shambhala IV").

Anastasia: I am once again convinced how important it is for the majority of people to understand "who is who" in this world, to be able to distinguish the true spiritual from the material substitution, Truth from falsehood, Good from Evil…

Rigden: Yes, then humanity would have a better chance of avoiding catastrophic consequences for civilization as a whole. After all, the rules of the game in the material world, including for occult forces, are based on the choice of humanity itself, or rather its majority. These or other occult forces only provoke or initiate any actions, that is, they only launch the program of a particular Will. But these programs are implemented by people of their own choice, performing appropriate actions, spending the time of their fleeting life and expending the power intended for saving their Souls." (A. Novykh"AllatRa")

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