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Ah, it's not hard to deceive me,

I'm happy to be deceived myself.

A. S. Pushkin

In the history of the modern world, there is one rare and striking episode that many seem to know about, but almost no one takes it seriously. The highlight of our new program is the US dollar, which has become the world currency recognized by the vast majority of countries over the past decades. The entire world economy can be said to be tied to the US dollar, and people, in the literal sense of the word, willy-nilly today pray for these small greenish pieces of paper, which have become for many a real deity, often pushing even to commit crimes. But I'm not going to read morals in this article, especially since almost seven billion of the world's population live to earn money, and the US dollar is one of the first violins in this minor symphony of the material world. Earn, save up, get rich.

However, the problem that I would like to talk about is completely different: few people probably know, although none of them do, that the US dollar belongs only on a banknote to the United States of America, and in reality, it is the property of the Federal Reserve System - " specially created on December 23, 1913, an independent federal agency to perform the functions of the central bank and exercise centralized control over the commercial banking system of the United States of America" (as written in Wikipedia). It also says that "the Fed system is an independent federal agency of the US government", but this is dust in the eyes of visitors because this system is absolutely not subordinate to the American government.

So who owns the regularly launched dollar machine? Who is this mysterious group that is essentially the unspoken masters of the entire global economy? I suggest you review the video about the Archons below, especially impressive is its beginning, the words of Alan Greenspan, and another episode from 2: 40..., where an open test says that the US currency is the property of people who are in deep shadow.

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To find out who these people are is really not possible for anyone yet, the following video of Roman V. is also devoted to this mystery, which partly sheds light on this dark mystery. Although readers of our site can guess and understand perfectly well who they are talking about again and again. Archons and their brainchild "world currency — - as the main bait on the hook for every inhabitant of the planet.

But let's briefly and very simplistically run through the specifics of interaction between the Federal Reserve System and the US government. The Fed is an opaque and closed system, and if it were a state structure, any citizen could theoretically try to bring up its whole bad-smelling history. Or, if you have a special desire, file a lawsuit, requiring reporting. But you can't apply for a private firm – it's a secret of commercial activity.

And now see what kind of "focus-mokus" it turns out. For example, you borrowed 1000 hryvnias from me. A year later, they returned 1,100 – the debt plus interest. I took 1,000 rubles and another 50 and gave you the rest. Whose money is this 1000 rubles? Mine or yours? Clearly, they are mine, because I gave you the money at an interest rate. This is exactly what the Federal Reserve does. Is this really possible, you may wonder? Doesn't anyone know about this? Why don't they know — many people do, but so what? This is the order of economic interaction approved by a certain group of people.

The question arises, so who does the US dollar belong to? It clearly does not belong to the United States of America just because the American state borrows dollars at an interest rate. The conclusion is strange even to voice, some kind of absurdity turns out, but this absurdity was created for you and me, dear consumers, for us as blind kittens hanging out on our fragile boats in the raging ocean of life and unconditionally believing that everything in the world is bought and sold for these small but all-powerful "greenish wrappers". But it turns out that these candy wrappers do not even belong to the United States, in reality, they are the property of the Federal Reserve System and it would be more correct to call them the Fed dollar. But who thinks about it? Who cares?

Of course, we all live according to the laws of society in this technocratic material world, and it is unlikely that anything can be changed in it, but in my memory, there were several people who gave half their lives to hard work in the conditions of the Soviet far north. Once it attracted people precisely with its high earnings, trustfully added up to "savings books", while it was safer to keep money with the state as a reserve. But the day came, which hardly anyone expected, and the money earned by hard and honest work "burned" - one old man's friend had 110,000, another about 60,000. The tragedy of almost a lifetime!

Why did I mention these old people, history is constantly going round in circles, everything repeats itself, and the quote from the Climate Report is quite predictable because the US government's external debt situation is so bad that the following statement is completely natural:

It is no longer a secret that in the near future the world currency will "suddenly" cease to exist and become cheaper than the paper on which it is printed. No matter how they hide this fact, but still today it has already become public. This will happen suddenly, however, as always (the handwriting of the world's screenwriters is recognizable), and hundreds of millions of people not only in this leading country, but also in other countries of the world will become beggars overnight. You can understand how difficult their situation will be in a consumer society…

What conclusions can be drawn? And do them yourself, personally, I do not care at all whether you believe the report and banal logic or continue to believe in another sweet illusion invented for you-candy. Just please note that the game is not yours, and while you are playing it, you are just a naive player

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