Does Vatican and UN build new socialist pyramid of slavery?

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How a new Satanic World order is being created under the guise of Christian values and humanism

The talks between the Presidents of the United States and Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki highlighted one extremely rarely mentioned by the media, observers and analysts, but, in my opinion, a key problem. This issue dominated all the issues that were raised during the negotiations. This problem was not directly voiced, but it was indirectly voiced in all the answers of both presidents during the final press conference. This is the problem of a fierce struggle between the proponents of globalization, a single world government, the so-called "deep state" and the concept of a multipolar world with the preservation of nation states, nations, races and genders.

However,it would be a great simplification to reduce modern geopolitics to the struggle of these two factions. Within each group there are many trends and structures, which in turn pursue their own interests and see the future world order in their own way. And this applies not only to the Western world and the United States, where the struggle has reached a pre-revolutionary state and the possibility of starting a civil war. To a somewhat lesser extent, this also applies to Russia, where it is simplistically assumed that the antagonistic interests of world elites are concentrated in various "Kremlin towers", and Putin, in order to avoid bloody upheavals and revolutions, tries to maintain a balance between them. In the series of articles "Donald Trump: a bad guy among scoundrels", I showed what forces are behind Trump, their interests and plans for the future world order. In this article, I will talk about his rivals, with whom Trump is fighting a life-and-death struggle with varying success-neo-Marxist globalist structures.

It is generally accepted that there are two evil factions in the world that fight for the human soul. Both are ancient and have always been shrouded in mystery. Both have always had large-scale intelligence networks, agents in every major bank, corporation, financial group, and political organization. Their history has thousands of years of fraud, corruption and murder. The leaders of the factions are conventionally called "the man in black"and" the man in white".

Since 2015, both factions have been intensively preparing and promoting the end of the World, or Armageddon. Each of them has its own plan for hegemony-world domination under two rulers who will control the religious, cultural, judicial, legal, economic and military aspects of the globe. A new world order, a unified world order, or a Transnational globalist republic, in their view, is only a few steps away from being implemented. But all the aspirations of these plans are tied to two key nodes-Jerusalem, where Armageddon is to take place, and a claim to power over the entire Earth.

The previous attempt to create a single world republic and erase national borders was made 100 years ago in Russia. As one of the founders of Zionism, Rabbi Baruch Levi, wrote to his young disciple Karl Marx:

"The Jewish people themselves will become their own Messiah. His kingdom over the world will be realized through the unification of the other human races, the abolition of monarchies and borders as the basis of particularism, and the proclamation of a universal republic that recognizes the citizenship rights of Jews everywhere.

Under this new organization of humanity, the children of Israel, who are now scattered over the entire surface of the Earth, all of the same race, all of the same traditional education, will become a leading element everywhere without much resistance, especially if they can impose the leadership of the Jews on the working masses. Thus, the victory of the proletariat will place the Governments of all nations in Israeli hands, together with the establishment of a World Republic. Then governments of the Jewish race will be able to abolish individual property (individual; privada — private, personal — personal) and dispose of the wealth of peoples everywhere. Thus, the Talmud's promise of the coming Messianic times, when Jews will own the property of all the peoples of the earth, is being fulfilled."

Salluste «Les engines secretes du Bolchevisme»

Having won power in Russia as a result of the 1917 revolution, the international globalist forces decided to make Russian statehood and the Russian people firewood for inciting a world revolution and establishing a single world republic. The culmination of this attempt was the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921, when the troops of Mikhail Tukhachevsky, under the general leadership of Leon Trotsky, rushed through Poland to help the Bavarian Soviet Republic and then to Europe. However, the "Miracle on the Vistula" happened, the Soviet troops were defeated, and tens and hundreds of thousands of Russian people paid with their lives, dying on the battlefields and later from starvation and torture in Polish concentration camps.

The people of Russia did not want to be a "sacrificial lamb" in the cause of globalization, which was perfectly understood by Joseph Stalin, who, through various "appeals", began to "dilute" the ranks of the CPSU(b) with nationally oriented cadres. After Trotsky's failed revolution of November 7, 1927, Stalin began to transform the Marxist communist doctrine, leaving only the outer shell of slogans and paraphernalia, leaving mainly ideas of social justice, seasoned with modified conservative Christian values. But, most importantly, Stalin began to get rid of the many international theorists and practitioners of globalism who flooded into Russia after the revolution and literally soaked all the party, state, economic and scientific structures of the new state. The Great Purge began, which in the West is called the Gulag and Stalinist repression.

A huge part of the communist elite left the USSR, and its intellectual part settled in Germany, in the city of Frankfurt, where it formed the backbone of the teaching staff of the famous Frankfurt school of the Goethe University. But after the Nazis came to power in Germany, for obvious reasons, the communist intellectual elite moved mainly overseas, where they received departments and laboratories at leading American universities,in particular, Columbia. Virtually all of the current political, economic, cultural, and scientific elite of the United States are students of schools run and founded by runaway communist intellectuals, the so-called "Frankfurt chicks", the founders of "cultural Marxism". Neo-Marxist globalists achieved the highest concentration in the US government, scientific and public structures during the administration of President Barack Obama, as I have shown in detail in the article " The Specter of Communism has Conquered the world. Part II".

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