Is there a climate war going on?

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What is happening with the weather around the world? In Africa, hail suddenly falls in the hot summer, and in Central Russia, December resembles spring. Suddenly, dormant volcanoes awaken, and coastal cities experience severe floods. Scientists say the world is on the verge of climate war. If this is the case and whether management methods are being developed somewhere in secret laboratories, humanity may face a danger worse than nuclear explosions.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Chemicals

Two superpowers, the USSR and the United States have been accusing each other of the climate war since the 70s of the last century. Declassified archival materials suggest that such programs actually existed. But how far have these studies progressed in practice?

It is known that during the Vietnam War (1957-1975), Americans used chemical agents to change the climate, spraying certain mixtures in order to cause heavy rains. According to the English press, the level of precipitation in Vietnam increased by about 30%, and this made it possible to eliminate the Ho Chi Minh Trail-completely washing out the road along which weapons and food were delivered to Vietnamese fighters.

On December 10, 1976, the UN General Assembly adopted the "Convention on the Prohibition of the Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Means of Influencing the Natural Environment". It prohibits any artificial climate change for military purposes. That is, officially no climate war can exist. Nevertheless, scientists in many countries confidently say that work in this direction has not stopped.

Oil in the ocean

Here are the studies reported by foreign newspapers. From 1962-1983, hurricane management experiments were conducted in the United States. The secret project was called "Furious Storm". The main focus of his research was to study the effect of a film of vegetable oil spilled in the ocean. English scientist Damien Wilson has published several articles on this topic. It is known that hurricanes are born because of the heat that forms on a vast water surface. That is, they can be caused by a spill of oil or other oily liquid.

However, Wilson claims that managing such a hurricane is almost impossible. In what direction it will move and what strength it will gain is unknown. But this is the opinion of a scientist who only collects individual facts and tries to put them together into a complete picture. Is this really the case — or have climate weapons already become a reality?

Artificial Fireballs

Also, since the 1960s, a number of countries have been building installations for the possible use of ionospheric energy. The most famous of them are included in the American HAARP program (HAARP-High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, "Program for studying auroras by high-frequency exposure"). Officially, these stations are intended for scientific experiments in the Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere. The radio emission power of each of them, concentrated in a small space, can be thousands or even millions of times greater than the energy of the Sun. In the zone of action of such a beam, a giant ball of lightning is formed, which can affect the climate of any selected part of the planet.

HAARP Climate control system in Alaska

Since 2002, when the HAARP project was fully operational, the number of abnormal weather events on Earth has sharply increased. True, in 2013, the US press reported that the project would be closed, but this scientific program is so secret that no official confirmation or denial of this information has yet followed.

In the 1960s and 1970s, ionospheric research stations were also built in the USSR.

They are significantly inferior to modern American ones in power, but the principles of operation are similar. Now, according to experts, these stations are mothballed, but not destroyed and are fully operational.

Somalia without wheat and bananas

In 2007, the French newspaper Le Figaro published an article about climate change in African countries. In particular, Somalia was suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of floods and hurricanes. Because of this, about 200 thousand residents of the country moved to neighbor Kenya, but weather anomalies that cause crop failure have already come there. Who is to blame for changing the African climate?

The UN Refugee Agency representative, Walter Kaelin, spoke about the responsibility of industrialized countries in his 2013 report to the UN General Assembly. They are the ones that contribute to dramatic climate change with massive greenhouse gas emissions.

But some scientists link the weather anomalies in Africa not only to carbon dioxide emissions but also to possible projects to create climate weapons that are being tested on the continent's land.

Somali refugees in Kenya

In particular, this is written by Professor Owen Green from the University of Bradford (England). In his opinion, such studies have never stopped — they just don't say anything about them.

Former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen approaches this issue from a different angle: he says that the secrecy of such projects is necessary so that climate weapons do not fall into the hands of terrorists who have long been interested in artificial earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, especially those that can be caused from a long distance.

Hurricane response to flooding?

What other weather events can be associated with the use of climate weapons?

In 2005, the United States experienced the most devastating hurricane Katrina in the country's history, which covered the city of New Orleans. Its result was the death of 1,836 people, the total economic damage amounted to $ 125 billion.

Earlier in the same year, one of the world's largest floods was recorded in southeast China, which killed 732 residents of the country.

Some researchers believe these events are related to each other. Relations between the two affected countries were extremely tense at the time. Shortly before the flood, one of the highest ranks of the Chinese army, Major General Zhu Chenghu, said at an official briefing that in the event of an armed conflict with the Americans, his country would not stop using nuclear weapons.

Allegedly, because of such statements, the United States decided to unleash a local climate war, causing powerful downpours on the territory of an uncooperative enemy. Thus, Hurricane Katrina could be China's revenge. By the way, the US military puts forward the version that the Chinese scientists were helped by the Russians. However, no evidence was provided in this regard.

In 2010, a series of severe forest fires took place in Central Russia. Some researchers suggested that they were caused by the use of a laser cannon installed on an American satellite. The British newspaper "Times" later reported that on April 22, 2010, the Americans launched an unmanned spacecraft, called X-37-B, which had on board a similar laser cannon capable of hitting the ground and even underwater targets. Another argument in favor of the possible use of climate weapons was the fact that almost all the fires occurred around important strategic objects — military warehouses or secret associations where new types of weapons were created.

In 2011, the famous American military historian Dwayne Day published an article in the online publication The Space Review, where he claimed that the same laser guns, starting from the 80s of the XX century, were developed by Soviet engineers first to equip aircraft, and later spacecraft. After the collapse of the USSR, the program was curtailed, but some theoretical and practical developments undoubtedly remained.

Most recently, in February 2015, the authoritative English newspaper The Daily Mail published a confession by Alan Robock, a professor at Rutgers University (USA), who said that he advised CIA employees on the possibility of using climate weapons by Russia or China.

All these facts together suggest that a weather war is not just possible — it is most likely already underway. Many well-known researchers of anomalous phenomena agree with this statement, in particular, academician Nikolai Levashov, who published an article" Anti-Russian Anticyclone "in the Russian newspaper" President", dedicated to waging a climate war against our state.

Geofizicheskoe sounds better

However, most researchers prefer to call such weapons not climatic, but geophysical. First of all, because the term becomes more streamlined and includes not only military but also any impact on the weather in general — for example, cloud dispersal by spraying silver iodide. It is known that such actions were carried out by the aviation of our country during the Moscow Olympics and on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Victory in 1995.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about geophysical weapons in an election article published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta in February 2012. It explicitly says that the development of "fundamentally new types of weapons — such as beam, wave, and geophysical weapons" - is crucial in the future armed struggle, because their results are comparable to the effect of a nuclear explosion, but are more acceptable in political terms.

The same was recently stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu: the country will develop weapons based on new physical principles, and the tasks for its creation are included in the already adopted military budget developed until 2020.

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