Does Rothschilds, Rockefellers-fight for Russia?

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It is very interesting to look at the development of historical events through the prism of the struggle of various clans of Players, as well as their interaction with Russia. And at the same time, it will help to see the logic of many actions of the modern Russian government, which, it would seem, constantly throws from extreme to extreme, creating the impression that Russia is nothing more than a piece on the board of a Big Game.

Necessary introduction with explanations.

I'll start as usual from afar. The fact that for the last more than a hundred years the entire history of the world has been made (directed) by the Anglo-Saxons is not and should not be anything surprising. In every great historical epoch, which in the Indian Vedic tradition is called Yugas (more than 2 thousand years), there is one governing Force on Earth. Its (dualistic) opposite is in a hidden phase of quiet opposition. And the balance between them is maintained by a law of a higher order. With the change of the epoch, there is also a change of the governing Force. We can call this Force the conditional supreme deity of the epoch (Yuga). In total, the full cycle consists of four Yugas, two of which are the time of the triumph of a particular governing Force, and the other two provide the transition of control from one to the other. In the same Vedic tradition, this is an endless struggle between the Gods and the Asuras.

This order of development of the universe and (on the earth plane) the development of human civilization has its own very clear logic. First, there is and cannot be anything random and unnecessary in the world. Secondly, no upward development of the Mind (and this can be considered the exclusive goal of the development of human civilization from the point of view of the Universe and its Creator) is possible solely on the basis of one of the Forces that make up the Universe. Third, it is only by knowing the triumph of one of the Forces, at the peak of its power, that one can fully realize its inferiority and inferiority, and see all the weaknesses that objectively cannot be eliminated without the help of the opposing Force.

Of course, the picture drawn is extremely simplified and even exaggerated, a lot of things are left "behind the scenes", but its essence does not become less fair. Moreover, this is exactly what we will need to understand further more mundane text.

In our historical era (more precisely, two successive Yugas), during which the active governing force went from its manifestation to modern domination, the carrier of this power was a priestly clan originating in Ancient Egypt. The whole subsequent history is described in some detail by many, including in Kobe, so I will only note that the result of the external transformation of this priestly clan (again on an external manifested level) was the powerful clans of the Anglo-Saxons. In the same Kobe, it is stated (and I will not argue with this simply because of the lack of information necessary for this) that the supreme level of the priesthood consists of 22 hierophants, divided into two equal groups of priests, constantly opposing each other and through internal struggle finding the most effective and effective ways to establish world domination the clan as a whole.

From what we can see on the external manifested plane, it is quite logical to assume that these two groups of high priests are represented by what we have traditionally come to call the Rothschilds (the English branch) and the Rockefellers (the American branch). The former are responsible (in the global strategy) for the area of financial enslavement of the world, the management of the world Jewish movement (the actual army of the ruling clan), as well as for internal (for their hierarchy) magic schools (we know them as kaballistic). The second is for the forceful suppression of opposition, for the direction (technocratic) of the development of human civilization, as well as for external (for subordinate Goyim) magical schools (Satanism and the like). Internally, these groups are also heterogeneous, but this should be omitted for simplicity.
Now, after the necessary introduction, we will proceed to consider the history of the 20th and 21st centuries from the point of view of the confrontation of these groups with their simultaneous general movement towards global power over the world.

Stage 1. The First World War.

If we ignore the details, then the First World War can be considered an internal showdown of the Rothschild group with the simultaneous weakening of the global opponent, whose role is played in our era by Russia. Here, however, it is worth clarifying that by Russia we do not mean the Russian state or government. Simply, the core of the opposing Force is hidden within the Russian civilization, soldered into the national egregore, dissolved in the people. Outwardly, this Force manifests itself only when the actions of the governing Force can lead to a violation of the very Universal Law that ensures a constant and timely change of governing Forces. The rest of the time, this manifests itself exclusively as certain features of the national character that hinder rather than help to live "like everyone else".

So, the First World War had two goals-to consolidate the power of the Rothschild group in Britain, weakening the remaining parts of the group rooted in continental Europe, and also to weaken Russia as much as possible as a potential carrier of hostile Power. The American group took almost no active part in this process, being content with economic "assistance" to the participants of the fight, using the time to build up the country's economic power, and also happily sucking in capital fleeing from the warring Europe.

A small additional remark. The Great Depression of 28-31 should be considered as an internal redistribution of influence in the country between the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in favor of the latter, while simultaneously ruining European outsiders who fled to the United States from the war.

Stage 2. Revolution in Russia.

For Russia, this war naturally, as was planned by the British puppeteers, ended with the maximum aggravation of all internal state contradictions, which led in the 17th year to the complete collapse of Russian statehood. And then to a Civil War that is devastating for the country and the people.

I think it's no secret that the so-called "revolution" was carefully planned and organized by the same priestly clan. Virtually all of its groups, and even individual factions within the groups, put their representatives in the power structures of the Bolsheviks. Just for example: Lenin (Swiss gnomes-the Rothschild faction), Sverdlov (British Rothschilds), Trotsky (Rockefellers). And the subsequent factional struggle within the Bolsheviks was largely explained by the struggle of these representatives among themselves for maximum influence on the situation and the country. In particular, the strange sudden death of Sverdlov, and then the illness and death of Lenin, actually predetermined the victory of the Rockefellers over the Rothschilds in the management of the Russian "prize".

There is almost no information about this, rather only speculation and indirect facts, but it can be assumed that Stalin's long-term struggle with Trotsky, and then with the rest of the" representatives " of the priestly Backstage, was crowned with success, including due to the fact that Stalin managed to negotiate with the Rockefellers regarding the replacement of Trotsky by himself, and with obvious success. a greater degree of freedom. At the very least, the massive industrialization that began in ' 28, largely financed by the Rockefellers, and the rather calm reaction of the United States to Trotsky's removal and expulsion give us grounds for such an assumption.

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Stage 3. Manifestation of the Opposing Force.

There is reason to assume that the sharp tightening of Stalin's policy towards the internal opposition in 37-38 was directly related to the death of the head of the Rockefeller clan, John Davison Rockefeller, to whom Stalin apparently had significant personal obligations. At the very least, Rockefeller's death on May 23, 1937, and Stalin's speech to the NKVD just two days earlier, were dedicated to the flood of government bodies (including the NKVD itself) with spies of all stripes (which actually began a large-scale purge) can hardly be called an accident.
At about the same time, Soviet-American relations began to undergo certain changes. They are still not hostile, but the United States, along with continuing industrial assistance to the USSR, is beginning to actively finance Hitler. That is, in the United States, an unambiguous course was taken for the collision of Germany and the USSR in a large-scale battle designed to completely eliminate both countries from the playing field as subjects of geopolitics.

Whether you can call it a miscalculation of priestly geopolitics or an objective manifestation of the very Universal Law that prevents even the controlling Force from completely destroying the opponent, but the USSR has already emerged from World War II as a full-fledged geopolitical Player, which significantly limited the global power of the entire priestly clan as a whole. Moreover, so strong that even having an advantage at the time of the end of the war in the atomic bomb and strategic aviation, the priests did not dare to attack the USSR. Thus giving the necessary time to rebuild the country and achieve military parity in the nuclear field. For a while, the priests are forced to accept the geopolitical influence and significant independence of the USSR and are busy figuring out relations within their influence groups. The struggle for global world power flows into a hidden phase and attempts to undermine the power of the USSR from within.

Internal showdowns between the Rothschilds and Rockefellers following the Second World War led to a sharp strengthening of the Rockefeller clan, which completely comes to the fore. The collapse of the British Empire follows, the United States virtually subjugates continental Europe, and the financial power of the Rothschilds is largely offset by the concentration of gold reserves in the United States and the increasing importance of oil in the world economy, most of which is also controlled by Rockefeller companies.

All this time, of the two priestly clans with the USSR, the Rockefellers are the most successful (apparently, long-standing ties affect). The first serious sign of the USSR's reorientation to support the Rothschilds appeared in the early 1970s, when the Rothschilds used the USSR's interest in high oil prices to deliver the first serious blow to the Rockefellers since the end of World War II. The economic power of the Rockefellers was largely based on the development of modern technology and industrial production. Resource costs played an important role in the efficiency of these sectors. The shock jump in prices in 72-73, organized with the direct participation of the USSR, which had a significant impact on the oil countries of Africa and the Middle East, caused a powerful crisis in the West, comparable in depth only to the Great Depression. This crisis was well used by the Rothschilds to regain control of a substantial part of the US gold reserve, as well as to detach the dollar from any material basis. Despite the fact that the Fed belongs to both clans "on shares", the priority of the Rothschilds ' influence on the global financial (primarily banking) system allowed this particular group to not only restore parity in influence with the Rockefellers in a fairly short time (70s-80s), but also significantly push them out. This is best illustrated by statistics on the dynamics of the share of the financial sector in global GDP.

There is reason to believe that the reorientation of the USSR from the support (of course, hidden) of the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds began as a result of the Caribbean crisis, which put the world on the verge of destruction. In the process of eliminating this crisis, it is obvious that the Rothschilds somehow managed to agree with the leadership of the USSR on the division of spheres of influence with mutual rejection of a global war.

Despite the fact that the USSR also got a lot of bonuses from the jump in oil prices and the economic crisis in the West, there is reason to believe that the significant strengthening of the Rothschilds, as well as the "virtualization" of the financial system, which actually deprived the USSR of the status of a direct independent participant in this system, led quite quickly to the realization of As a result, in the late 70s and early 80s, the USSR once again returns to the "alliance" with the Rockefellers against the Rothschilds. At the same time, agreements are almost certainly being reached with this clan on the gradual resolution of global contradictions and the inclusion of the USSR elite in the circle of managing participants in the creation of a New World Order. Hence the theory of convergence of systems that suddenly emerged in the USSR, the course towards detente and mutual disarmament, and many other factors. At the same time, the active integration of Soviet shadow structures (under the control of special services) into the Western economic system begins and a large-scale export of capital from the country begins.

In the second part, we will look at the manifestation of the Rothschild-Rockefeller struggle with Russia's participation in recent post-Soviet history.

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Stage 4. Self-Destruct of the Player.

If we consider the destruction of the USSR from the point of view of an ordinary person, then it is impossible to regard it as anything other than a tragedy. Moreover, something inexplicable happened. Instead of systematically increasing its influence and gradually taking over the reins of power (and in the 70s this was really possible), the USSR, as an alternative to the Anglo-Saxons, simply voluntarily leaves the "chessboard". But the whole point is that both the unexpected rise of the USSR to the status of a Player and its departure from it are manifestations of the same law governing the change of eras and dominant forces. The USSR emerged at a time when the very existence of the opposing Force was threatened, but withdrew from active alternative participation in the process at a time when such a threat was eliminated. And the time for a full-fledged change of epochs has not yet come. The path that humanity is being led by the "steering process" priesthood has not yet reached its final impasse. The whole point is that according to the same universal Law, the controlling force cannot be defeated from the outside. It must reach the point of complete self-destruction under the yoke of internal contradictions. But back to the specifics.

It is generally accepted that the post-Soviet history begins in 91 with the signing of the Belovezhskaya Accords, which put an end to the existence of a single state. From a formal point of view, this is true. But in fact, this moment is only the final point of a rather complex and lengthy process.

It can only be noted that by August 91, all the actual measures to eliminate the USSR had already been completed. All the capital intended for "leakage" to the West has been moved, hundreds, if not thousands of European, Asian and American companies-beneficiaries of these funds-have been created and actively earned. All funds intended for controlling the internal market are also divided among the responsible "partners" and structures. The shadow economic system of the Bolsheviks, carefully created since the 70s, has been brought to the surface in the legal field. Even brigades of" bandits "designed to carry out grassroots regulation of economic relations during the period of weakening (or even incapacity) of official law enforcement agencies have been created, trained and even endowed with appropriate"zones of responsibility". The country (represented by the elite) is almost fully prepared to go into the shadows and secretly participate in the management of the world. All the necessary agreements were reached with the Rockefeller clan and the necessary guarantees were obtained.

However, the "peace and quiet" did not last very long. When the Democratic Party (the Rothschild clan) came to power in the United States in ' 92, all agreements went to waste. Already in ' 93, with the help of Rothschild henchmen, a coup d'etat is being carried out in Russia, and power in the country is largely transferred to the Rothschild appointees. Another thing is that the seizure of state power turned out to be only a small fraction of what needed to be captured in reality. In fact, by this time the country's budget was at zero. And the main private assets have long been firmly divided between those who seem to have been thrown off the pedestal of power. As a result, the "Rothschilds" were forced to first create the economic basis of their own power in the country. This was done with the help of "collateral auctions", large-scale privatization and a giant financial scam called GKO.

It should be noted here that despite the fact that Russia itself is an extremely large and delicious " pie "for any" eater", the importance of influencing it is not limited solely to the desire to"fill your belly" with delicious and satisfying food. For the same Rothschilds, power over Russia means much more. Anticipating the inevitable collapse of the United States and the dollar system, since no matter how much you convince the whole world that the naked king is dressed in the coolest newfangled dress, it is infinitely impossible to do this, the Rothschilds began to transfer their financial empire to China via Hong Kong from the beginning of the 80s. The "paper" financial system has a natural ceiling of development, beyond which a complete collapse is inevitable. As, however, any "pyramid". Therefore, China, with its real industrial economy and ever-growing gold reserves, was supposed to ensure the power of the Rothschilds in the new round of development of the system after the collapse of the United States. But controlling China (and its investments) requires a powerful external force. Moreover, after the failure of negotiations between Britain and China on the status of Hong Kong, the life of these investments was at best guaranteed by a 50-year period of special status for this enclave. The United States, after the collapse, was no longer suitable for the role of a deterrent and guarantor, and therefore this role was assigned to Russia, whose nuclear forces can fully guarantee the ability of anyone to negotiate.

The most interesting thing is that after arranging the default of ' 98, before which a huge amount of funds allocated for this purpose under the guise of loans from the IMF and the World Bank were stolen, the Rothschild representatives in the Russian government decided to go into the shadows for a while, giving a significant part of power to the "old masters".

I may be wrong, but I think this was done deliberately so that their actual opponents, who had formed an alliance with the Rockefellers, would voluntarily capitulate to the Rothschilds. And there was every reason for such hopes.

Let's assess the situation. The state budget is at zero. Sources of domestic borrowing, as well as private foreign ones, are absent after default as a class. The supreme political power in Russia is still held by the same Yeltsin, who carried out all the previous "transformations". In Russia's private economy, if not parity, then at least no one has a decisive advantage, and the country's largest oligarchic clan is headed by a Rothschild officer in Russia, Khodorkovsky. At the same time, all funds withdrawn to the West are under threat of withdrawal, since they can only be protected by the military (read, nuclear) power of Russia, which is incapacitated without the consent of the same Yeltsin. At the same time, a demonstration strike is being staged on Yugoslavia, showing the whole world the weakness of modern Russia. Indeed, if you put all this together, then nothing but the expected surrender comes to mind.

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Stage 5. "Rise from the Dead"

Yeltsin's unexpected early self-denial and Putin's arrival was a rather unexpected blow to the Rothschilds, who were already preparing to celebrate victory and accept surrender. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the potential possibility of a nuclear war, as a last chance, was not canceled. And those who have carefully built their own system for 20 years, designed to become part of the global world order, even if it is priestly in essence and ideology, but still in the status of a full-fledged participant in the highest circle of government, are absolutely not ready to part with their dreams, and even more so with money and power. Moreover, I am ready to go to a conflict of any scale to protect my claims. And the Rothschilds expectedly wavered.
The Rockefellers immediately put on a good face, saying that they had nothing to do with it, that they had always stood for compliance with the agreements, and that when they came to power in the United States in 2000, they would generally be friends in every possible way on the same terms. As a consequence of all this, Khodorkovsky's imprisonment follows in 2003, the liquidation of the "semibankirschina" and the "equidistance" of the oligarchs. Especially those who profited (emerged) during the rule of the "Rothschilds". It is no coincidence that Putin's first two terms (which coincided with Bush's in the United States) were fairly quiet. The development of the country was on the rise, the standard of living of the population was steadily growing. And at the same time, there were no signs of moving away from the capitalist and liberal trend. For this, we had to pay the price of increased corruption (as a tribute to the clan of state officials at all levels). In the international arena, a certain independence and influence of Russia was accepted, especially since there were no cardinal contradictions.

The Rockefellers, having stabilized the situation, began to quickly implement their strategic plans for the final achievement of world domination. The chipization of the population, the transfer of consciousness to virtual reality, the reduction of the world's population, the dominance of GMO products, and similar projects received a crazy boost in development in the zero years.

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Stage 6. The attempt at a rematch.

The coming to power in 2008 in the United States of the Rothschild protege Obama marked the beginning of a new stage of the Big Game. Including in the struggle for power in Russia. This was largely due to Putin's voluntary departure from the post of president. Yes, he left serious levers of power in his hands, but the fullness of this power has already become a different level, which allowed the Rothschilds to strengthen their agents of influence in the Russian government.
For Russia, the transition to a new stage of struggle was marked by the financial crisis of 2008. The long-term growth of the financial market up to this point, as well as massive Western (Rothschild) lending to Russian financial institutions and corporations, has led to a very high degree of over-crediting of the country's stock market. In fact, there was another financial pyramid scheme built on the shares of the largest Russian companies. And when Western investors (the Rothschilds) started actively playing for short, a complete collapse began very quickly. It came to the point that the shares of some companies were worth several times lower than the objective balance sheet level. The same Surgutneftegaz at some point cost half the price of dollar deposits stored in its accounts. The problem was compounded by the fact that the bulk of loans were received from Western banks, and therefore there was a real threat that almost all large Russian companies would come under the control of Western investors (Rothschilds).

The Russian government intervened quickly enough, was able to re-credit companies with state funds and stabilize the situation. But she remembered the blow. As a result, there was a rather careful, but nevertheless reorientation of public funds to the domestic market, which resulted in the fact that foreign exchange reserves placed in the West began to balance with the volume of external public and private borrowing of Russia itself. At the same time, BP, which was the main asset of the Rothschilds in Russia, was attacked. Until 2012, it was safe to assume that Russia was still "friendly" with the Rockefellers against the Rothschilds. However, the danger of a nuclear terrorist attack during the London Olympics, organized precisely by the Rockefellers, obviously forced Russia to change its attitude to what is happening. Moreover, the US military activity in Africa, the Middle East (Syria), the constant threat of war against Iran, all this has forced Russia to start reorienting its foreign policy towards a more balanced one.

In fact, Russia does not benefit from the global strengthening of any of the Anglo-Saxon clans. The victory of any of the "R's" will mean increased problems for our country and the imminent need for a hot war with unpredictable consequences. Therefore, Russia is forced to play the role of a kind of balancer, eliminating the overwhelming advantage (if and when it arises) of any of the priestly clans. Russia's interests lie in the gradual weakening of both of them under the yoke of internal contradictions. Fortunately, there are enough of them and they are growing.

The failure of the Rockefellers ' plans, first for a terrorist attack on the London Olympics, and then, if possible, for a global war by destroying all significant shelters in the United States, led to an increase in their aggressiveness on the external front (the Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, Ukraine). They even managed to take over the Obama administration, separating it (though not completely) from the Rothschilds.

In many ways, everything that happens in the United States and in the world at the instigation of the United States is forced actions, as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the dollar from collapsing. In fact, all the resources from Asia have been drained, Europe is almost drained of financial resources, and the recent events in Hong Kong are already reminiscent of agony. Although all these steps are still quite effective (for example, after the story with Cyprus in Hong Kong, a lot of Russian money was also hooked), but the financial centers are already running out and there is nowhere to take more money from outside. Neither private nor public. And the stock markets ' ability to recycle freshly printed paper is also very limited and has come to an end — "trees don't grow to the sky".

In this regard, only military and ever-increasing atkivnost (as against ISIS in Syria and Iraq), or the management of such (as in Ukraine) can still support the dollar for some time. At the same time, the Rockefellers clearly do not have time to bring any of their global population control programs to a critical state.
In my opinion, although this process was rather forced, the Rockefellers made a serious mistake, provoking a crisis and carnage in Ukraine. This is a point that Russia, with all its desire, cannot but take to heart, since it objectively considers this territory (like the entire post-Soviet space) to be its zone of control. Such a hostile intervention in this area definitely makes us enemies. And the fact that in addition to Russia, the main beneficiary of hemorrhoids is the whole of Europe (which in one way or another, but I consider the Rothschilds to be my own), literally throws us to meet each other.

Another thing is that Russia has already grown somewhat stronger in recent years and can afford some freedom of action. In particular, relations between Russia and China have reached the level of trust when both countries understand that neither of them can defend its independence without the support of the other without a global war. But together we can both become full-fledged players, if not dictating our will to others, then forcing them to fully take into account their own position. That is, in recent years, Russia and China have jointly managed to moderate the Rothschilds ' appetites for world domination and make them consider themselves full partners in a new world configuration after the collapse of the dollar and the United States. This will be a fundamentally different financial and economic system compared to today, in which each of the parties will be able to have a blocking stake. It is no coincidence that both China and Russia have in recent years actually been allowed to buy real gold on world markets (the age-old fiefdom of the Rothschilds) and actively participate in this process.

This is the situation for today. At the same time, it should be understood that the United States (the Rockefellers) have actually driven themselves into a dead end. The world will ALREADY be able to do without them, although it will not avoid certain losses. But without peace, they will fall into a rather deplorable state, and quickly. In the foreseeable future, we should expect a strike on the United States, most likely from the Rothschilds. And most likely it will all start with the collapse of stock markets.
And one more important point. Everything that is happening so far and is expected in the near future is happening exclusively within the framework of the priestly model of civilizational development. The opposing force has fallen asleep in the depths of the Russian egregore either before the deadline, or before the creation of another critical threat to its existence, which may be associated with the coming war, if someone decides to do it.

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There is nothing surprising in the fact that the USSR-Russia much more often entered into an alliance with the Rockefellers against the Rothschilds than vice versa. The Rockefellers, their structures and methods of influencing the world have always been much closer and clearer to us. Moreover, they were not much different from our own. The use of the power of the state in all its manifestations, from financial and diplomatic to military, the struggle of the special services, the ideological struggle – all this is close and clear to us. There is nothing easier to work with such an opponent. We respond to a diplomatic note with a note, to a missile with a missile, to subversive activities with counter-terrorism.

But with the Rothschilds, we traditionally did not work out.

And this is also understandable. Their power is always hidden, based on money and on managing the world's Jewish diaspora. The first is generally a "dark forest"for us. In our entire history, we have never created anything of our own in this area, and we are forced to use other people's developments. On the second topic, Stalin tried after the war to seize the initiative and "tame" world Jewry through active participation in the creation of Israel. But here, too, we failed. In the end, the attractiveness of money was stronger than anything else. And the money was not distributed by us, because this is not our product initially. Thus, both the Rothschilds themselves and the nature of their power have always remained strangers to us, and by this alone we have an instinctive desire to have nothing to do with them.

But both times, when we were forced by mutual consent to conclude not only a truce, but also to enter into a temporary alliance against the Rockefellers, occurred when the reckless policy of the latter put the world on the verge of complete destruction. And always this union bore fruit, eliminating or postponing the catastrophe. And it continued exactly as long as we worked together to bring the Rockefellers "to life", putting them in their place in an adequate state.

The fact that Russia is now in a new temporary alliance with the Rothschilds suggests that the world has once again reached a dangerous point beyond which non-existence has been reached by the efforts of the United States and the Rockefellers. And may God grant us all again, by walking along the edge, to eliminate the impending threat.

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