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More than fifty years of misinformation and manipulation in the shadows. The media is deceiving society to manage it better. Forget the words "secret” or" fantastic”, here we are talking about REALITY…

Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Defense Minister, Mr. General.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Francois Rousseau. I'm the head of an informal research group that doesn't appear on your staffing tables. Mr. President, to whom I am personally and exclusively accountable, found it useful and even necessary that I brief you on a number of issues…

You belong to a narrow circle of "initiates “and probably think that you are” informed" better than most people. Let me question that.

At this particular moment, events are taking place in the world that are important enough for me to inform you about them and submit relevant documents.

Looking ahead, I will say that an unprecedented mind manipulation operation is currently being carried out on a global scale. I'll talk about this in more detail later.

As far as our era is concerned, it all started shortly before the Second World War.

Hitler broke many political taboos, in particular by adopting the methods of occultism and secret societies.

The Ahnenerbe, a Nazi organization dedicated to archaeological and anthropological research among other things, found this flying object during an expedition to Afghanistan. In Hinduism, it is called "Vimana”or "Aster".

In 1927, traces of very ancient nuclear explosions were discovered in Russia and China, as a result of which some sedimentary layers were literally melted. It happened 50 thousand years ago! The same phenomenon can be observed today in nuclear weapons testing zones. Hitler took these discoveries very seriously. They allowed him to open a Pandora's box that no government, allied or hostile, would later close.

The tragic history of our planet is based on the theory of the existence of four moons associated with four geological cycles. According to Hans Herbiger, the founder of the” world ice theory", three of these moons fell on Earth at different times, each time leading to the almost complete extinction of all life on it. The approach of the last of them to the Earth preceding the fall was accompanied by a gravitational tide, which caused deep genetic mutations of living organisms. One of the results of this was the appearance of a race of giants 3-4 meters tall, distinguished by extraordinary mental abilities.

Several tens of thousands of years later, the fall of the moon on Earth caused a significant increase in sea level and a sharp cold snap, comparable to a nuclear winter. The Earth's gravitational field dramatically increased and led to the death of the giants.

Hitler was privy to the secrets of these doctrines and maintained active contacts, particularly with Tibet.

The Nazis persistently searched for descendants of the surviving representatives of ancient civilizations-keepers of the secrets of ancient technologies, such as the aforementioned “Vimana”.

One of these civilizations built more than 600 pyramids in different regions of the planet — stone, earth and even iron!

Almost all of these pyramids are oriented in the same direction, their dimensions are proportional to the number “pi " and all are located in the so-called magnetotelluric nodes. The oldest are located in Asia. Two pyramids are underwater: one south of Okinawa in Japan, the other south of Cuba.

Both were built about 12 thousand years ago…

I have given this archaeological information in order to remind you that, according to the aforementioned cycle, our civilization is the fourth. I understand that this may not be very pleasant to realize, but ... we are not the first and not the last here.

While it was an absolute priority for the Nazis to study and reproduce the prototypes they found to ensure their air superiority, the military laboratories of the allied powers that opposed them concentrated on developing nuclear weapons and creating the first atomic bombs.

Under the control of the Nazis, leading German scientists worked on secret bases for many years. One of them was Viktor Schauberger, the father of Nazi UFOs. Schauberger was the head of the Vril research group, which developed anti-gravity systems. He died in 1958 ... in Texas! There, under the protection of the US government, he continued to improve his flying saucers, which by then had become American.

On the question of flying saucers: 70% of the so-called unidentified flying objects are built by humans and have nothing to do with extraterrestrials. At the end of World War II, Nazi technology was taken over partly by the Americans and partly by the Russians. Both of them made every effort to improve and make practical use of these developments in the strictest secrecy.

One of the first practical results was achieved in the framework of the Rainbow project (”Rainbow“), known under the code name "Philadelphia Experiment". Under the guidance of mathematician John von Neumann, who collaborated with Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla on behalf of the US Navy, the Eldridge destroyer was teleported. These photos are provided by Morris K. By Jessup shortly before his death under mysterious circumstances, one of the rare pieces of evidence for this unique experiment. …

The first tests of prototypes of flying vehicles built using” Indo-Aryan " technology did not go unnoticed. But the military did not care: they already had a camouflage device at their disposal that was more effective than secrecy.

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Around the same time, US Air Force pilot and CIA agent Kenneth Arnold launched a major operation to manipulate public opinion about UFOs. Convincing the public that they didn't exist was both difficult and futile. Much more effective was the creation of artificial hype, implicated in systematic misinformation and intimidation of people.

UFOs and humanoids in the mass consciousness quickly became realities from the field of cinema, television series and collective paranoia, and not science, as it should be!

In May 1947, the American secret services became aware of the discovery of an ancient UFO of terrestrial origin by the Russians. The crashed aircraft was found in the Altai Mountains, near the border with Mongolia. News of the discovery immediately raised tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The discovery was impressive, and in order not to lose face, the Pentagon, in tandem with the CIA, decided to bluff. In July 1974, a crashed UFO was also allegedly discovered in Roswell, USA. It was pure fiction, but it was staged so effectively that it is still perceived as the truth.

In February 1949, shortly after the so-called “Roswell Incident”, a UFO was photographed and filmed in Antarctica. In this case, the aircraft was cigar-shaped. After that, unidentified flying objects were observed more and more often.

Years later, when the Apollo space program under the leadership of Werner von Braun was in full swing, despite von Braun's protests, parapsychological experiments were also included, in which participants of several expeditions were involved.

These images were taken during one of the latest experiments to amplify the psychic and telepathic signals sent by a yogi from Earth and register them on the Apollo spacecraft.

These experiments, however, fell by the wayside due to the systematic appearance of unidentified flying objects near spacecraft and the discovery of traces of unknown civilizations on the Moon.

NASA was literally inundated with an abundance of information and overwhelming evidence, which it decided to mark as “military secrets”.

A special retouching group for photo and film materials was created at NASA back in 1961, in accordance with the “Jason”directive. Subsequently, her task was to eliminate all signs of civilization and ruins on the Moon, especially from photographs intended for publication in the mass press.

In June 1965, an artificial satellite transmitted from orbit this image from the Shetland Islands area south of Argentina.

The Russians tried by all means, including armed ones, to prevent the UFO from rising to the surface, but to no avail. The device was eventually taken by the Americans to Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Ten years later, the first anti-gravity aircraft with a magnetohydrodynamic engine took off from Edwards Base. In total, several prototypes were built.

In 1989 and 1990, “UFOs " suddenly began to appear actively over Belgium. The culprit turned out to be a triangular aircraft model "Astra TR 3B" or "XR7", capable of flying completely silently at a speed more than ten times the speed of sound.

Another example of the practical application of magnetohydrodynamic technology is the B-2 bomber, whose development began in 1981.

The official "B-2 Stealth" model, which first flew in 1989, was created to divert attention from another, much more advanced model, which was being developed in parallel in deep secrecy. This secret model, among other things, used a system for generating plasma from an oncoming air stream, as MHD generators do. This system ionized the air around the fuselage, negating any resistance and simultaneously hiding the aircraft from all types of radars. This nuclear bomber has been flying at 10 times the speed of sound for 15 years and, unlike the "simplified" models, has never been detected.

Such effective military technology, of course, has generated a lot of by-products. Over the past decade, dozens of so-called “bloodless” weapons have emerged, such as electromagnetic bombs, microwave and laser guns of various sizes and capacities.

The US Defense Department, through the multinational corporation Raytheon, invested huge sums in the so-called high-frequency active Auroral Research Program, better known by the abbreviation HAARP. Officially, its goal is to study the ionosphere in Alaska. However, the actual capabilities of the HAARP installation located in Alaska are much more extensive: climate manipulation, localization of underground objects and warehouses, silent destruction of any targets and at any distance, and, most importantly, manipulation of human behavior.

I'm finishing up soon, there's not much left. In 1996, a Russian artificial satellite discovered in Antarctica a seemingly almost intact spacecraft of gigantic size, previously hidden under a layer of ice. Analysis of the surrounding ice allowed us to establish that the accident occurred 24 thousand years ago. Almost simultaneously with the discovery of the ship, a volcanic eruption began on one of the islands of the nearby Scottish archipelago. The real risk of losing the ship forced Russia to turn to the United States for help. The request, however, was then revoked, and the expedition hurriedly left the danger zone. Frustrated by the failure and not wanting others to get the object, the Russians eventually simply destroyed it. No country in the world has ever missed such a unique opportunity!

This stupid act has only strengthened the US position on alien technology.

If this report seemed a little long, despite my best efforts to be as brief as possible, it was still necessary to support the statement I now want to make regarding the Orion conspiracy.

Our research team is convinced that the so-called “unidentified flying objects " built by the United States and Russia can be used to stage an alien attack on our planet. The rest will be taken care of by the media. For what purpose? When the myth of the threat from international terrorism, which is focused on war to strengthen the economies of superpowers, and above all the United States, is dispelled, a new image of the enemy will be required for further prosperity. The war on Earth will be replaced by a war in space, against alien "aggressors".

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