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How the Vatican changed the history of Russia

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Recently, researchers of alternative history have been able to use many preserved medieval maps and atlases depicting the Great Tartary in the West to get closer to solving the mystery of the existence and death of the ancient Vedic civilization, the heir of which was the Great Tartary, which until the time of Genghis Khan was called Great Scythia. It seems strange. that the servants of parasites, who for many centuries under the leadership of the Vatican carried out a total falsification of history and almost completely "cleaned up" and falsified historical sources on the territory of Romanov Russia, in the West left open access to references, descriptions and atlas maps indicating the Great Tartary. It's not like them at all.

So is the stuffing of information about the Great Tartary on the territory of the Russian Federation intentional? Independent researchers in the field of alternative (real) human history A. Kadykchansky and O. Pavlyuchenko believe that the Vatican (which is actually the main coordination center for falsifying history) specifically declassified all this information and "planted" it in our country. But why was this done? Falsifiers are "conscience-stricken" for centuries-old lies about our country and our people? Of course not. It was this information that the parasites and their servants wanted to use to create national discord in our country and the growth of marginal (primarily Siberian) separatism.

However, they miscalculated in relation to the peoples who have been living together on the same territory for thousands of years: first as part of the Great Scythia, then the Great Tartary, after the death of which part of its territory — Siberia and the Far East — went to the Russian Empire. Then it was on the same territory that the USSR existed, and now the Russian Federation.

They also miscalculated the ability of alternative history researchers to find out the truth. And, these researchers have clearly proved that the Great Tartary has nothing to do with the current Tatars. which are known in ancient chronicles as "Volga Bulgars". And of course, there was no mythical "Mongol-Tatra yoke" in Russia, and I have repeatedly written about it, as well as that neither the current Tatars nor the current Mongols are related to the mythical "Mongol-Tatars" from the Batu army. These are completely different people. And the pseudo-historical myth of the "Great Mongol Empire" was created by Vatican Jesuit monks in parallel with the falsification of the history of China, just to hide the very fact of the existence of the Great Tartary.

In addition, alternative researchers found that the population of the Siberian part of the Great Tartary for the most part did not differ either genetically or in the general ancient history and Vedic culture from the population of Russia and had only a small percentage of the "small peoples of Siberia" and that is why there are no Mongoloid "traces" either in Russia or in Eastern and Central Europe where Batu's army passed through has not yet been discovered. Thus, the interethnic conflict planned by the Vatican between Russians and Tatars, as well as the carefully heated and promoted Siberian separatism, was prevented.

I hope that there is no need to explain that parasites have long been "sharpening their teeth" against our Siberia, which is so rich in various minerals, and openly talk about it, suggesting through the UN structures to make it "the property of all mankind". But it should be clearly understood that this "all of humanity" primarily refers to the Zion-Anglo-Saxon empire, which throughout its history secretly or explicitly harmed and schemed against Russia, trying to seize its territory and natural resources, as well as enslave and significantly reduce the indigenous population. That is why various structures of parasites in recent decades have been actively conducting subversive anti-Russian activities in the Urals and Siberia. And only on the territory of Siberia, did the parasites plan to create 7 "independent states" under the protectorate of the Siono-Anglo-Saxon empire. It is clear that these "independent" territories will actually become colonies with a puppet regime, with full access to the resources which will be given to multinational corporations.

But, considering that in Siberia, despite the efforts of parasites and a lot of money spent, there were not so many scumbags and corrupt creatures who supported this idea, recently a new plan has been actively implemented among parasites, the purpose of which is to inflate separatism in the northern Arctic territories of Russia. It is clear that recently a real "battle for the Arctic" has unfolded between Russia and the northern colonies of the Siono-Anglo-Saxon Empire, the purpose of which is to control the northern sea route, which allows significantly reducing the sea route to Southeast Asia, as well as access to the Arctic shelf rich in minerals. But these are only visible and officially declared goals. There is also an unspoken goal — access to the artifacts of an ancient Arctic civilization. located now at the bottom of our northern seas.

For all this, parasites and their servants began to actively play the "Pomeranian card", trying to tear the indigenous population of the Russian North away from a single centuries-old tradition and culture and cause separatist sentiments in it. That is why paid " trolls "and entire" troll factories "have developed active propaganda on the web in recent years, the purpose of which is to convince the Pomors that they have nothing to do with the Russian people, but are genetical "Ugro-Finns". So, we should "stick" to the peoples of northern Europe, not Russia.

Here, for example. a typical comment of one such" troll "of parasites on the portal "Chronicles of the Earth": "Neither genetically nor in language, the Pomors have nothing in common with the Great Russians, Estonians are closer genetically to Russian than the Pomors, and the language has features that bring it closer to West Slavic, but the name of commercial fish used by the Pomors is Finnish. There are official studies of genetics, maps of the distribution of genes, and studies of linguists, all this can be found. That is, first there was an oslavyanivaniye simply due to migration processes and interethnic communication, then the involvement of the free region in the orbit of Moscow and Russification with the formation of dialects of Russian on the basis of Slavic languages other than Russian, which now led to the loss of regional dialects. In any case, the Onega dialect is considered extinct. Linguists have proved that the boundaries of dialects ,if we consider the history of the region, coincide with the boundaries of the settlement of different peoples in the past, i.e. differences fade very slowly ,and this regional difference often goes back to the Stone Age."

But how real are such custom-made "fantasies" of this and many other "trolls" parasites actively writing such misinformation on the web? To be objective, let's turn to the official data of Russian and foreign geneticists and anthropologists. As one of the most" recent " tables, we will consider the table with data from genetic studies of various regions of Europe, which were conducted in 2005-2009.

What do we see from these data, where they are given in an average form for the Russian people? According to Balanovsky's data, in general, 53.1% of Russians living in Russia have the "Aryan" haplogroup R1a and 12.2% have the "Ugro — Finnish" haplogroup N. The largest number of the latter is found in the northern regions of Russia (Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kirov). But is the percentage of this haplogroup so high among local residents that it is possible to claim that "Neither genetically nor in language, the Pomors have anything in common with the Great Russians"? And the claim that Estonians are supposedly closer to Russians genetically than Pomors, in general, is complete nonsense. This could only be said by a person who did not know that Estonians, just like Finns, Mari, and Hungarians, belong to the Ugro-Finns.

Here, a scientific article entitled "Two Sources of the Russian Patrilineal Heritage in Their Eurasian Context", which was published in the American scientific journal" The American Journal of Human Genetics, 2008 "gives us the following text:" Every second Russian Y-chromosome belongs to the haplogroup R1a. Figure 3A shows the distribution of this haplogroup in the historically Russian region studied (indicated by the gray line) in a pan-European context. With the exception of Central and South Asian populations, the map demonstrates that within the borders of Europe, R1a is typical for Balto-Slavic populations, with two exceptions: Slavs20 southern and northern Russians (Figure 3A). The frequency of R1a decreases in the north-eastern populations of Russia to 20% -30%, in contrast to central and southern Russia, where its frequency is twice as high."

I must say that in the northern regions of Russia, the percentage of haplogroup R1a is indeed slightly lower, and the percentage of haplogroup N is slightly higher than in the central and southern regions. We read in the same source: "21-23 Figure 3C illustrates the fact that in the area of Russia, the frequency of N3 decreases significantly from the north (>35%) to the south (<10%). Thus, N3 follows a trend opposite to that observed for R1a.". The translation from English is machine-generated, but the essence can be understood: in the North, the "Ugro-Finnish" haplogroup in the northern Russian regions is about 35% and decreases to 10% in the south of Russia. For a more detailed comparative analysis, let's look at another table, where the regions of the North, Center, and South of European Russia are given separately.

What can you see from this data? And the fact that our "Northerners" have two main haplogroups. the percentage composition of which is approximately the same: 35% N1c1 and 34% R1a1. And on what, let me say, are the "profound" conclusions of Russophobic "trolls" based that "Pomors have nothing in common with Great Russians"? Both have the same basic haplogroups. Only the Northerners have a smaller R1 and a larger N1. At the same time, the" Northerners " have approximate equality between these haplogroups. As you can see, comments are unnecessary, and the goals of all this false information campaign coming from the servants of parasites were outlined above.

Therefore, before you believe their sweet and deceitful speeches, check the accuracy of their information yourself. And know this: the servants of parasites will continue to try to implement the plans of their masters to create discord between the peoples of Russia and seize its territory and natural resources. But also remember that the one who stubbornly digs a hole for another will definitely fall into it himself. Therefore, the time of the collapse of the Siono-Anglo-Saxon Empire itself is not far off.

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